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Picture Signatures

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Where do you all get those adorable signatures with the pictures of your babies from, I want one Who do I have to bribe?

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What if I have a kitty that looks like yours, discount? heh heh


p.s. I have a 1968 Mustang, I call her Ellie *like Elanore in Gone in Sixty Seconds*
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OH my she looks exactly like my LUNA!!!!! so pretty!!!!!!!
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I made mine in a photo program called photo pro. Then I went to i-love-cats.com and joined there and then uploaded the photo. Then you click on the photo and copy the link and then put it into your signature...Sorry I am really bad at explaining things, I know someone can explain it MUCH better!
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she's beautiful
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I make signatures free of charge! Your kitty is adorable!
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I make signatures for free. It's up to you who you choose to make yours, but if you want me to make one you just PM me or Contact Me. I will need a few things:

¤ Email (gothic_amethyst@yahoo.com)the photos you want used. Name the file the name of the cat/person in the pic.
¤ How you want the names: on the actual photos or like mine on a background.
¤What color text for the names. The background color if you choose that method.
¤I have over 200 fonts on my comp so if you know of a certain one or style you want for the names let me know. I will also download a font I dont have.
¤Anything else you want for your sig. After it's done if there is anything at all you want changed let me know and I'll fix it. I also now know about the TCS size limit.

Oh and I'll also help you with getting it working on TCS.
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I am a complete dunce with computers, so I am NOT the one to go to for help with signatures, but I just felt the need to say that you have an adorable kitty.
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You could get one made by me too!

I would need pics of your kitties, the more the better. Don't worry about the size of the pics, I can resize. I use Microsoft Picture It! Program. Tell me how you want the names to look like and what kind of font, color etc.

hehe you got lots of people to choose from.

My e-mail is Darrell_tamme@hotmail.com
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