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Cat Show

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So I went to another CFA cat show again today, in hopes I would find a Somali there. Once again, no Somali's.. BUT there were some very beautiful abyssinians, we were watching some judging and there were two gorgeous Turkish Angoras, we were talking to the woman who was showing them (she only owned one of them) and then she let me carry one of them back. I have never seen one in person and they are soooo soft. I thought it was very nice of her, because I wouldn't trust someone with my cat. Oh yeah and there were some adorable tonkinese's. Ok thats all, I'm done and soo tired!
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Did you wanted to see a Somali cat in real ? Or did you wanted to buy a Somali ?
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Well I'm sure one of the officials at the show could hook you up with a Somali breeder no sweat, did ya see any persians?
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go to ask jeeves type in Somali cat breeders and then Fanciers breeders referral list there are 3 breeders in your state.
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Thanks, yeah I wanted to see one in real, I am definately not ready for a purebred yet, I am waiting til I move out on my own and have full control of them. I talked to the show clerk and she gave me a number of a well known somali breeder in the bay area. And I have been on the sites looking for breeders in california. I talked to one and she outcross breeds to abyssinians, and I don't know if I want that or not, because I don't know what that will do, I want to show the somali when I get one, so it will be show qaulity. I have been trying to find all the sites I can that breed somalis around here, I may even go to Oregon because I heard of one from there.

Thanks for all the help Sherral!

Oh and Wellington, yes I saw Persians, and there were some very pretty ones!
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