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My cats

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I am new to this forum, but I wanted to tell you about my cats. Of course there isn't enough room to say all I want to. There is
1. Hairball Harry McDoughal--red--indoor/outdoor and crazy. He is 6 years old.
2. Tabitha Tubbs--a multi shaded Tabby--indoor/outdoor--huge and was born feral. She is 5.
3. My Sweet Emma--an applehead Siamese--very demanding--5 years old and entirely inside.
4. Simon the Terrible--Emma's little brother--has medical problems--is just as he is called--4 years old and entirely inside.
5. Empsy--a tamed feral--mottled tan, grey and white--lives under my bed (and on top after I am asleep) when the weather goes 30 and below. She is almost 7.
6. Shadows--a strange coloring of blackish gray and goldish gray--5 years old--feral (has just discovered that being petted is the best thing ever). She is 5 years old and the sister of Tabitha.
7. Claudia--a red furball--feral--3 years old and generally untouchable most of the time. She just had 3 kittens on July 3, but trusted me enough to have them on my front porch. As soon as the kittens were weaned, I managed to catch her and now she is spayed.
8. Fergus--red, 7 1/12 months old, indoor/outdoor, born feral
9. Tansy--silvergray tabby with tannish markings, 7 1/2 months old, indoor/outdoor/ born feral
10. Niobe--Looks like her Aunt Tabitha Tubbs--7 1/2 months old, indoor/outdoor, born feral.
I have also tamed and found homes for 3 more ferals. One of them had had contact with people and I salvaged her at Palco, Ks where I was working for the day.
All cats are now fixed. However, several toms still hang out on my front porch thinking the bakeries will open again.
I love cats and seem to have rapport with them. I do believe they eat better than I do sometimes.
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Beverly....WOW...that is a lot of cats!! I am soo glad that you have all these cats fixed. Perhaps you can trap the "toms" that keep hanging around and get them fixed so that they don't get any females pregnant. Welcome to the boards.

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Welcome to TCS!
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Thank you for saving those so in need, and welcome to a really nice place!
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Welcome to TCS.

And a big thanks for helping and caring for all the kitties.
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Hello and welcome to you all
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Welcome Beverly and all of your kitties!
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Hi Beverly, and welcome to you and your babies

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Welcome Beverly and your beautiful herd of kitties. What an angel you are for helping and socializing these ferals.
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Welcome to TCS!!!
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Welcome...... you sure have a lot of cats.... Would love to see soom pictures too!!!
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