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Siamese mix ??

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Is it possible to identify a kitten as a Siamese mix if his/her past isn't known ? If yes, what are the characteristics a Siamese mix should have ? Do they need to have colored tail, ears & legs/paws ?

Just curious..
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IMO a pointed cat at sometime in it's heritage would have had siamese in there. The closer the points come to the siamese standard the more likely they are part siamese. Meaning the ears,tail and feet. The paw pads should match the color on the points. However, there have been cases where a pointed cat spontaniously pops up. Usually the points are very shotty though.
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I have never seen a purebred Siamese cat (only in magazines & internet). What color are their tails ?? Is it the same with the ears & feet & paws ? This new kitty's tail has white (very little), gray & brown colors in it. His coat is white but not pure white; there are some very light, powdery brown colored patches on his body. His ears are light brown colored; a few tones higher than the patches in his body. His paws aren't pink, there are some spots like his ears' color. And 2 patches of this color again in each of his leg...He's got big ears & his face looks triangular (to me)..

To tell the truth I don't understand the descriptions of the purebreds when I read the standarts. ( Probably because of my English ). I understand the words & stuff but I can't visualize those descriptions ??

Thanks anyway Sandie
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Siamese mix can very. If you go to www.siameserescue.org you will see that siamese mix can look like a DSH. I have siamese cats and the tail, ears, feet, and face have color. Depending on the color points the body can have color too.

Example of this:

Lilac Point the body color is glacial white (magnolia) the points frosty gray with slight pinkish tone. The nose leather and the paw pads are lavender pink.

Blue Point the body color is blush-white of glacial tone the points color blue-grey. The nose leather and the paw pads are blue-grey.

Seal Point the body color is beige to cream or pale fawn the points color dark seal brown. The nose leather and the paw pads are dark seal brown.

I will post some pics of my cats. Maybe you can tell then. This is just a few of the colors.

If you go to the lounge you can find my cats under the names of the cats. Violet is the Lilac Point. Simon is the Blue Point and DeDe is the Seal Point.

I hope this helps.
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I am going to try to post the link to the pics. First is Violet.


This is Simon and Violet.


This is DeDe.


If this works I hope it helps you with your furbaby.
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Thanks Simon's Mommy,

Mine looks like Simon as far as I can see.. Hope his eyes will be blue though, cause I already named him blue (Mavish for Turkish )

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