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tags even for indoors?

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You know I keep reading this heart breaking posts here about missing pets (I know it's the worst feeling...) You know I am thinking of just getting tags for my new guy even though he will be indoors. I mean then I can relax more. Do you indoor only cat "owners" (who owns who) have tags on your cats?
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I think it is a good idea. You never know when your kitty may accidentally escape. It is better to be safe then sorry!
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Mine are indoor/outdoor, but I agree that even indoor cats need visible ID. They can and do get out from time to time, and are even more at risk, when they do, than those who are accustomed to the outdoors, so they need all the help they can get to be reunited with their humans. As you say, better safe than sorry.
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I agree with tagging your kitties, better safe than sorry. I just moved so I am getting new tags soon. I like to use breakaway collars and engrave the tag with REWARD over my phone number.

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I just got mine, easier than I thought. The little collar isn't intrusive, he doesn't seem to mind. And the tag is small and not in his way. I had it engraved at Petco, very simple and easy.
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My kitty is indoor only , but you never know if she could somehow get out , so we have tags for her . I would rather have her back in a few hours because she has tags , than maybe never because she doesnt , I realize theres microchipping but not everyone knows about it , who ever found her may only go by what they can see. I also realize there is a risk for cats wearing collars that they may get caught on something ,If a cat was to get out without a collar I think the risk of them getting hit by a car is far worse .
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I am probably the minority that doesnt like collars. My cats are both indoor cats only and microchipped, I think that is very important.. but collars.. I've just heard too many scary stories about cats collars getting caught on things, or around their mouth and them choking to death. Plus my two hate them, I have put collars on them just for the heck of it and they went crazy trying to get them off.
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Rosie, as most of you all know is a housecat.

I had her microchipped in october last year, and bought her first collar and tag last week with the words " IM MICROCHIPPED " engraved on it.

She did'nt care much for the collar at first, but she's getting used to it. Plus the good thing is with the collar i bought her, it snaps open if they get it caught, instead of the buckle type.

I'd hate to lose her!

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Buddy and Opie run the other way, if a door is opened and Rowdy has gotten away from making a dash. Whenever Rowdy DID get out, the dogs caught and played with her, until one of us could grab her. She never got farther than the patio.

Since they are indoor only, I don't put collars on them. Buddy was microchipped, at the Humane Society, before I got him and a tag came with that. Its in a drawer, with his paperwork.
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Both Sparta and Ares are indoor kitties but I have collars for both of them. I keep them pretty loose and they're both breakaway so if they get caught on anything they'll just come off. I've already seen Sparta's come off once. So I'm not too worried about them getting hurt and the peace of mind that the tags bring is really nice. Although I'm probably being overprotective.... they both have microchips and they're both registered with the city.
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I really don't like collars at all.
When I got my first ever kitten, we put a collar and tag on him as you do, and one night he ended up getting his bottom jaw under it and it sprang back and pressed on his tongue so by morning he was in a right state. Since then, I've never used a collar. My cats are indoor/outdoor and they are microchipped, but I won't use collars again. It's probably dependant on the cat too but even cats that don't mind them can't prevent them getting snagged on things. I don't really know what the option is though if you want VISIBLE ID.
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I've been lazy and just ordered new tags for my cats since I moved, but I usually try to keep collars & tags on my indoor cats just in case. They're microchipped, too, but a lot of people don't know about microchips, so I like to keep a visible ID on them.

It's very important to use safety breakaway collars, though. I prefer the kind with the breakaway buckle or the kind that stretch all the way around to the kind with the elastic insert - those can get caught around the cat's leg & get stuck that way, but the safety breakaway ones just come off if they get caught. I've seen some at the pet store that combine a breakaway buckle with all-around stretch - that's a good, safe collar.
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I wouldn't use anything but a breakaway collar, and preferably one that's completely elastic, not just an insert. The ones I get also have a reflector stripe all the way around. As others have said, microchipping is a great idea, but if the person who finds your missing critter doesn't know about microchipping, it's not going to help, so some form of visible ID is important.
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JC is an indoor cat, but walks outside on a leash. He has a reflecting, breakaway collar with tags, but is also tattooed and microchipped. The tattoos are really faded, though he's not even five yet, and it was done when he was 6 months old.
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I can see the arguments for and against. He seems ok with th collar so I am keeping it on.
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I have my cats in breakaway collars. They are also microchipped, but I figure they should have visible ID if possible. So far I only have the tag that comes with the microchipping on their collars, but plan to get easy to read things with their name and my Ph#.

The collars bothered 2 of mine for about a day or so and now not at all. It makes me feel better as an extra precaution incase they get outside somehow.
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I have breakaway collars for all my kitties. I also have extra collars and extra tags for them because lately they have been going thru a loose the collar spree. Pretty costly yes, worth every penny I spend? definately! I adore my cats and would be a wreck without them.
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We used to buy those break away collars, but they were doing more harm then good, some of our cats are indoor/outdoor and we would come home and find the collars in the driveway, they all knew how to take them off. But now I found these stretch collars, the whole thing stretches (I have seen some that just have an elastic band to stretch a little) but the whole material stretches and they could easily get their head out if it was to get caught on something. I think I got it at petsmart or petco, I don't quite remember.
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Originally posted by chixyb
but the whole material stretches and they could easily get their head out if it was to get caught on something. I think I got it at petsmart or petco, I don't quite remember.
Would this sort of collar prevent what happened to my cat though? The one we had was elastic so once he'd gotten his bottom jaw under it, it retracted back and pressed down on his tongue.
I would like to have some sort of visible ID for my cats, just for the first few weeks that they go outside on their own (right now they're only having short half hour expeditions outside under supervision) because if they're going to get lost, it'll be in the first few weeks. Once they know where they are and where they can and can't go, they'll be ok. But for the 'finding their feet' stage, it might be beneficial for them to have a collar of some sort.
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My cats don't have collars, except Hallie. I don't like them because the fur gets really matted around them. The kitties are indoor but microchipped. Hallie has a colar with a little bell on it so when she is not feeling well and hiding, I can find her.
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Originally posted by jugen
I have breakaway collars for all my kitties. I also have extra collars and extra tags for them because lately they have been going thru a loose the collar spree. Pretty costly yes, worth every penny I spend? definately! I adore my cats and would be a wreck without them.
Yep, that's our crew, too, especially Fawn, though not so much lately. However, I do believe in being prepared, 'cuz nobody goes out without visible ID. Period. Fawn's cute, though, she shows me her bare neck when she's lost a collar, and waits patiently while I put a replacement on her.
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I ordered breakaway collars for my kitties yesterday where I work, and I'm having tags engraved with their name, my phone number and my civic address on them.

Onyx and Gibs play in the yard on warm days when I'm home to watch them, but there's always a chance they could run off on me, and I need to know they'll make it home safe with the information available on their tag.
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When Squirt used to go outside, I tried any number of breakawy collars on him. They never lasted more than a day. I even had one collar that wasn't breakaway, and he still found a way to lose it. He always came home without it. Joey has never worn a collar and has never been outside his whole life.
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My cats are indoor only and I plan to get them both microchipped. I live in a condo unit so they can't get out even if they somehow get out of my unit..there is a LONG hallway and 2 entraces they would have to somehow get through in order to get outside.

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