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Rain Day!

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Well here I am, after standing in the pouring ran for thirty minutes someone from college drives past and says "No bus service today" I ran home all excited lol and mum says you're going to school she gets on the phone for half an hour and can't get thru to the school, a friend txts me and says school has no electricity and major flooding. No schools over here in Wellington are open, all the main roads are blocked, supermarkets are flooding. It's quite sad but I'm glad there's no school! It's awfully cold though..

(and this is summer )

Hope everyones having a good day.
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Oh, I always used to love it when school got cancelled. Now I go to college and they NEVER cancel anything. *sniff* I do hope nothing is damaged too bad by the flooding down there.
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Oh and I forgot to mention my friend has had no power for about 24 hours and my nanas friend has had on and off power for about 10 hours, and her water tank got split in half by a tree and the same tree rolled down and smashed their windscreen, it's going to cost 1000's to repair.
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I remember being all excited for snow days when I was a wee lass. Even now, when it snows I wish I could have off!

Wow, Sam, it sounds like that's a lot of rain. Is it common for you guys this time of year?
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