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few questions

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When does the male genitalia get completely developed; I mean with everything ?

And one more thing, as far as I know, cats eyes turn into permanent color when they are 2.5-3 months old..We are told that our new kitty is 7 weeks old. But his eyes don't look like kitty blues ..Could he be older or are there exceptions ? Well maybe I can check his teeth to learn about his age ?? (if he lets me !!)
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A kitten will not show it's true color of it's eyes until it is 3 months old. Although you can't see it, they are born with their genitalia intact, and that will drop usually by their 2nd month. You should get your kittens spayed and neutered at 6 months old so as not to add to the problem of finding homes for all the darling kittens, because the truth is, there aren't enough homes.
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Yes, I know that. But this kitty's eyes don't look like my other cats baby blues ?? It's not grayish blue but very clear, icy blue. Could it be, maybe, because his real eye color is also blue underneath ??

I will of course spay him when the time comes. I am very sensitive about this issue..The reason I was asking was to be sure about his sex.
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Out of all my cats, I have 3 that have those same icy blue clear eyes. They are Siamese mix and when they get into bright light, they have to shut their eyes until they reach shade or part of the dark room. The vet said that they are lacking the pigment that they need to protect their eyes from glare. Perhaps your kitty has the same?
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Yes, that might be the case ?? We are told that Mavish (his name) is a Siamese mix, too He'll go to the vet tomorrow for a check-up & a wellness plan I will definitely ask to the vet, too..

I know lots of things about cats theoretically. But practical knowledge is different; it's nicer to combine the theoretical one with experience
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Dodo - From what I've read, white cats and color point cats can have blue eyes adults. Maybe your baby will be one of these and that's why his eyes are this icey blue color. I had a red point siamese once and his eyes were icey too. Very beautiful. I hope you can post a pic of this beautiful baby.
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