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Sunday DT

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Another quiet Sunday.....so far, sorta. I was to get up at the pre-crack of dawn to drive my friend to the airport. The alarm didn't go off. Whoops. He called at the time I was supposed to be at his house. So I literally jumped into some clothes and flew down there. We made it to the airport with still an hour before the flight, but he had wanted to get there earlier in case of huge lines at check-in or security. Mad didn't even begin to cover it. The whole car ride was in absolute silence. I'm sure this will be thrown in my face from now until the end of time. Oh well, I screwed up, and luckily, he walked right up to the sky cap and checked in. He was at the gate before I was even 10 minutes away from the airport.

Today will be bills and tax return day. Hoping for a good refund to supplement my summer money, or lack thereof.

Have a good Sunday, everyone. Two Sex and the City episodes left!
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For some inexplicable reason, I was up at 4:30. Buddy tried his best, to keep me in bed but, to no avail. He settled for snuggling up with Bill. Actually, all three cats piled in there.

We made our weekly grocery run and I've changed the litter boxes. Bill went to get the stuff, to change the oil in my car. Of course, it won't get done, today. The Daytona 500 starts in 1/2 hr and Bill won't leave his chair, except for beer and bathroom breaks.

If I weren't between paydays, I'd go shopping. Guess that I'll have to settle for reading and playing around with the computer.
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7:30 three kitties simultaneously jumped on my chest- "Mom time to get up!" I got up and got dressed and went to feed critters. Went to the fence of the pasture and about had a heart attack. I couldn't see Racer in either of the pastures of the stalls! We had a bad storm last night and my first thought was the fence was down behind the creek and he got out! But Trav was still there so that theory didn't hold water. For he and Racer are inseperable and if Race got out, so would Trav. Then I whistled and to my great relief saw Racer get up, he had been laying behind one of the fallen trees and had been completely blocked from my sight. He is walking well and so I fed the horses, then the ferals and then went in to feed the other cats.

The sun is out but there are high winds right now and rain is predicted for later. I have a ton of stuff to do today and yet all I want to do is sleep-
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Well, I have a fun day planned: studying for the Physics test I have on Tuesday! Bleh. I have had a good weekend, though, so I really can't complain.
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Well if you read my "Rain Day" thread you will find out my excitment for the day.

Just going to lounge around I think...aaaaaaaahhh.

Hope everyones having a magnif. day!
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My Sunday has been awesome! As most of you know, I'm a huge NASCAR fan & my fave driver is Dale Jr.

Jr won the Daytona 500!!!!

Dang...that just made my week! Heck...maybe even my whole year!
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And MY favorite driver, Tony Stewart, finished 2nd! YAY!!! I love Jr. too so I had a VERY good day so far.
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Oh Shell, that's awsome!

W00t W00t! What a way to go!
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Heidi, I was so happy to see Tony & Jr working together all day! It was definitely going to be a nail biter towards the end!

I just about cried when they were interviewing Jr & started talking about his Dad. I could tell that Jr was trying to hold it all back...that's gotta be emotional for him. I got goosebumps when they said Dale Sr won that race on this exact day in 1998. I think his Daddy was looking down on him today!
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I didn't go to bed til 7am, i was just watching a movie last night and was wide awake, then babygirl and face decided to play chase for a couple hrs and it's hard to sleep when they jump from the chair, to the desk on to the bed and back onto the chair....kinda like ring around the rosie cat style lol i woke up at 11am to downstairs neighbors fighting again....i wonder if they realize there like a soap to me I can hear them perfectly clear. This morning they were fighting over who had to take the trash out and walk the dog...*sigh* I made a roast and put it in the oven and big boi is gaurding it right now...laying infront of the oven and hissing at any cat that comes near lol....thats my day boring and relaxing
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Oh boy, poor you Kym, listening to the neighbours. I am glad that I can't hear mine - apparently her son and his girlfriend argue every day. That would drive me batty.

A quiet day today, finally vacuumed under the bed...holy moly all that hair under there!

Watched a movie 'Cabin Fever' All I can say is - YUCK! Its more of a B grade movie and a little different from the usual horrors

Played Final Fantasy X-2, I love that game!

Jake made fried rice for dinner and it was yummers.

Have a blissful day you all!
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We took Oliver to a gymnastic class for children of his age, and it was very much fun. Sometimes a bit difficult to get him to do what he was supposed to though But I think once he has gotten used to the very nice big lights in the cieling, and the big mirrors on the wall, he will be less distracted

I heard today that a girl I know, who has a boy a few days younger than Oliver, and was expecting her second baby later this month, lost her new baby On thursday night she didnt feel any movements, on friday, after some checkups, she learned her baby had died, and had to give birth yesterday, to a full term beautyful girl. I just think this is so sad, I cant stop thinking about it.
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Oh how sad! I'll keep her in my prayers!
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