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Premature Kitten Pics.

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Here are Timmy and Tiny. You can see their skin colouring in some areas as they haven't got fur there yet. Apologies for the picture quality, the camera is having an off day.

Timmy. He has fur on his back and head that's like fuzz.

He can crawl, but can't hold his head up yet.

Last one of Timmy. Look at dat face!

Here's Tiny. Like Timmy, she doesn't have any fur on her chest, tummy or legs, though you can see her dark skin colouring.

I don't like being all exposed!

See my wrinkles? I'm still growing into my skin.

Last one of Tiny.

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Aw they are precious! Do have many kittens this year Tania?
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Sam, I've had about 40 kittens this season so far. I stopped counting at 33 LOL, although there's a couple of months to go yet.
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LOL Woah that's heaps. Snuggles to all your kitties.
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precious little tiny babies. God bless you for taking care of them.
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How are the little dears doing today? It must be a huge task to care for such tiny ones. Bless you for doing this, and for caring for all the little ones this year, 40 babies. Wow!
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I'll be posting all updates on Timmy and Tiny in this thread
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awww what sweet little angels
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What precious little .... They are.... Bless You for taking care of the them.
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I agree...precious little angels!!!
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Oh, my! They are so cute! And so very very small!
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Tiny, indeed! and sooooooo precious. Lotsa good vibes comin' at them and you.
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Awwwwwww bless them!
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Very beautiful kittens. How many days premature were they?
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Awwwwww. They look so sweet.
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Cass, I estimate they were about a week to 10 days prem.

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Awwww they are adorable
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