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Driving me INSANE!

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What is wrong with my cat? She keeps meowing, and not the tpyical meow I'm a used to. it's loud and sounds awful. She does this all day, driving me insane. She then lays on the floor rubbing her self on the floor or on my bed. I asked a friend and he said shes in heat, shes been like this on and off for almost 2 months. Can someone tell me what's going on?
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She is in heat and she needs to be SPAYED the sooner the better.
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Yup..that would be the sound and actions of a cat in heat. Please take her to be spayed!!

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Sounds like she's on heat alright.

Esper did the same thing.

Your cat will continue to do this until she is spayed or mated with a male cat. Unless you're considering to breed, have her spayed as soon as possible. Some vets will spay your cat even when she is in heat but it depends on the individual vet and their experience. Going in and out of heat is a lot of stress for a female cat to take. In addition to this, it can lead to medical problems.
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Get some information on cats i.e. cat books at the library and learn about them so they won't be so baffling and upsetting.
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