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Count yourself as lucky that the biggest thing you have to grumble about this morning is sweeping up the litter and the lousy landlord. Saki's safe, so that's all that really matters.
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I'm so happy Saki is safe at home.
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btw does anyone know WHY cats hate helium balloons so much?? I dont know why I didnt think about it earlier.. probly because I was too busy freaking out... but Chichi at my parents house same thing, she sees a balloon and she's hiding for days.
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Whew!!! I was scared to view this thread in fear of hearing some terrible news....but I'm so relieved to find that Saki is home!!! YAY!
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I am so glad Saki is allright!
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So glad Saki is home and safe!!!
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Whew! I got so freaked out when I first saw this, I was afraid something terrible had happened! I'm glad you found him safe and sound (although a bit freaked out, perhaps) under the bed!
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OMG Sicy, I am so happy and relielved that your little boy is home safe!

I bet that wine tasted wonderful after almost having a heart attack!

Saki, please give your mommy some headbonks and kisses - she deserves it and so do you!
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Poor you! I would have been frantic (and enraged), too! I'm so glad he didn't get out. I've had a few moments like that with JC, who usually, but not always, comes when I call him. If he doesn't respond, then I search the house, and he finds some ingenious hiding places, like under some thick down comforters stacked in the spare bedroom during the dog days of August, or as a kitten, between the radiator and the wall in the living room. At least you know that nobody can bring balloons into the apartment now.
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Thank God he's alright and with his Mom.

Saki - if you read this please don't give your mom such worry ok?

*Hugs and friendly ear scratches and tummy rubs to Saki.*
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OMG Whew, I read the first post and I just got this huge knot in my stomach! I was already calling my sister and hubby and getting ready with the flashlights to come help you look. Glad I finished the thread first!

*OK taking huge deep breath, heartbeat slowly going back to normal* Saki glad you're home.
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Wow. What a scare. Glad kitty is safe and was all the time.

Emmett gave me a scare kind of like that. I was just getting ready to fall asleep when he made this strange meow like he was trapped or hurt. So I jumped out of bed and started calling him. He usually comes when I call.

So I'm calling, looking all over the apartment, shaking the treats. Every now and then I'd hear the bell on his collar faintly and I couldn't pin point where it was coming from.

So at this point I'm panicing and I can't find him.

He casually walks out of somewhere all calm and cool. I could have killed him!!!

But its great that Saki is okay and you're happy and not tossing the boy out....which I would have done in your case too
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Argh! Damn balloons. They probably think they are some big predator, like a hawk or something.

Anyway, I feel really relieved for you, girl!
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OMG I just read this thread and at first my heart sank to my toes! But then I read all the way through! What a scare you had there Sicy! I'm glad everything worked out just fine.
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I bet your fiance is the most relieved of all. I can't imagine how guilty he was feeling for letting Saki out (well sorta).
Glad you found him safe and sound
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OMG I just now read this -- thank GOD he was under the bed!!!!!!!!!!! As I read through each page I was praying I would find good news!!
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I'm glad you found him, and that he was home. Many years ago (early 80's) when I lived in an apartment just outside of DC my cat "Kitty" got out. For two days I kept searching for her in a panic. Finally one day I just told my dog to "find the cat" and he ran right to a nearby apartment building, chased off all the other cats in the area, and sat by the steps. Kitty was hiding under them. It took half an hour to coax her out, but having the dog there (her buddy) helped. She was fine. Apparently the other cats had chased her under there and she had sat and held them off (She was in heat - but that was when the concept of spay/neuter was just catching on as a normal.) As it turned out, she was not pregnant and I had her spayed shortly after. (Money was tight at the time, but she and the dog were my babies.) A few months later some of the neighborhood cats were outside my window making a lot of noise. I went out to see what was going on and Kitty ran right past me. She chased off the other cats and came trotting back with her head up very proud. I don't every remember her trying to get out again.

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I'm so glad you found her, I remember when my brother accidentally let dopey out of the house, I wandered around the neighborhood for hours with a flashlight and a bag of deli turkey looking for her. I was ready to fedex you my kitty trap to put outside of the building. Give her a BIG hug and kiss for me.

Happy for you

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Originally posted by Coco Maui
I bet your fiance is the most relieved of all. I can't imagine how guilty he was feeling for letting Saki out (well sorta).
Glad you found him safe and sound
He was really feeling bad. We had to laugh about it later because he said all he kept thinking was 'oh my god oh my god I am freaking dead oh my god'. On my Valentine's day card he wrote that he thought for sure he would be sleeping with the strays LOL!

Thanks again everyone for being so caring. The people here are so truly kind and understanding.. and really have a way of making people feel better in their time of distress. ((( hugs to all )))
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Oh God, i was panicking for you when i first started reading the thread, then i jumped to the end to find Saki had been found, then
back to the beginning to read them all as the panic was now over!

I had tears in my eyes when i read Saki turned up. What a relief for you!

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Oh my - I did just ike Rosiemac and was horrified - poor Saki. Now I'm going to read about how he came home - much better!
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I just got a chance to read the thread, at least Saki is home and safe, I know when I read the head line, my heart sank. The screen dropped out of one of my windows one time and both of mine jumped outside, when I ran outside, they jump backed in, needles to say we dont open that door anymore, I am sure Saki gots lots of love and attention that night...
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Whew! Good news!

Cats are prey to hawks, so it's probably instinct to hide from large flying objects.
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My heart dropped when I first saw your thread. I'm so glad everything is ok. I would freak out if this happened to me as well. All I kept thinking about was the other board member Tamme, whose cat got out a few months ago and she tried looking for her for like 2 weeks and finally someone called that they had found her. I was going to remind you of that thread, but thankfully, your babies are safe.

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Sicycat, that's not nic eto do to those of us with old hearts! Just kidding, thank goodness Saki's safe! I bet your honey is going to be EXTRA careful leaving for awhile now! LOL!
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I am so glad and relieved you found your baby safe and sound!!!
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I am soooooo relieved that Saki's okay! I didn't even know about this thread until I got ur pm regarding Saki and as I started to look in the Lounge for ur thread, I was talking to Superkitty and when I saw "Saki's gone" I FREAKED out and interrupted Superkitty saying Saki's gone! Superkitty had to tell me that Saki WAS okay and said she freaked out before she read all of the thread just like I did! WHEW!!

I KNOW how it must've felt! Zebra has gotten into the openings in the ceiling twice (once with Pepper and once by herself) and took me over an hour to coax her out (that was AFTER I SEARCHED ALL OVER THE APT, looked outside, and started crying hysterically then I saw the opening to the ceiling was ajar abit and realized that Zebra must've gotten up there. I now have a latch on the opening so Zebra can't open it anymore (she still tries though!)

I am soooo relieved for u! AND GLAD that u didn't kick ur fiancee out! Grin.. Take a deep breath, hug Saki for me and tell him DON'T HIDE AGAIN! Grin....

I have a GREAT idea for your KIND SWEET LOVING LANDLORD- Nah, I better not say it.. Grin.
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OMG! I FREAKED when I saw this thread! I'm sooooooo glad all is OK - that is the most important! Thank god you didn't kick your fiancee out of the apartment. But I didn't have all that adrenaline going on. Thank god everyone's OK!
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I am so glad that Saki is ok! I just saw this thread now! Tell him never to scare mommy like that again!
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