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You know, I didnt even THINK to look in the house because when I got home my fiance was already outside looking for him and I just freaked out and assumed he was outside. Holy heck I feel like passing out now LOL thank you everyone again.
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btw I told him never to bring home balloons again!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!
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Hopefully you won't have to explain the trail of cat litter to your door!

I am glad he is safe Sicy-
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I'm sure that it was probably like looking at a ton of gold when you saw him. Actually, no, he'd be worth more than a ton of gold, right?
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Woah! What a relief to read that you found him safe and sound! I was just reading this thread from the beginning and was still fresh in shocked and worried mode until I finally got to the part where you found him under the bed. You've still got Saki, but you have some major sucking up to do to your poor boyfriend.
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Oh thank goodness for that!
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hissy there's litter all around the building lol Maybe it will rain tonite heh.

I yelled at my bf at first.. then we looked for Saki for 3 hours.. then we came in and sat in seperate rooms in silence for an hour. I'm just glad I didnt sit here and tell him off (which I'm surprised I didnt lol) but now maybe we can enjoy the wine he brought and my beautiful roses that are on the table that I wanted to throw out the window earlier
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Sicy, I am so glad I read this thread all the way thru, as I started reading it, I was feeling sick inside, at the thought of little Saki out there in the big world all alone. I'm so glad he was in the house. You remind me of me, in the way you love your babies. I know I would have felt like I'd have lost 10 years off my life with a scare like that.
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OMG Sicy, what a rollercoaster of emotions you've had. I hate that sick feeling inside! I remember when one of my feral kittens busted out of their room and actually pushed his way out of the cat flap. I was freaking out LOL. The thought of that little kitten in my big, scary back yard and how was I ever going to find him, it's not like he'd come to me. Well, in stepped the troopers (Milo and Vegemite) and they were acting strangley around a small shrub by the fence. Yep, the little feral had run and hid under there. I was so keen to get him before he ran off, I grabbed him without gloves. Well, I didn't need stitches but I still have the scars to remember him by LOL.

I'm so glad Saki's safe. I've accused my housemate of letting kittens out before and you feel like such a doofus when they've been where the're supposed to be the whole time.

Saki, no more giving your Mom a heart attack!
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Oh, Sicy! Oh, Saki! What a relief to know the little guy is Ok! I too have just read this whole thread from the beginning, and in a few minutes my stomach may agree to return to its normal position, but what a fright!

I know the feeling all too well. I've told the story of Cindy and the red bag chase somewhere in these forums, so I won't repeat it, but she would have been about the same age, and was "missing" for the better part of a day. Freak out city! I don't wanna live through that again.

Saki, don't DO that. If you're scared, tell Mum. She'll keep you safe.
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OMG I almost had a heart attack when I saw this thread just now. I am SOOOOOOO glad to know Saki is safe and sound! One of the kitties getting out is my worst nightmare too.

Jeez, I bet you NEEDED that bottle of wine once the ordeal was over!
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I'm glad Saki is back and ok! It's funny how they can scare us like that and then act like nothing ever happened!
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oh how scary! glad he's okay
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I too thought that you had checked the inside or that your fiancee saw him leave the building.

Great to hear that Saki is safe and well.
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Saki's Safe!

So glad to hear it.

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Sicy I was mortified when I first read this. I am so glad that Saki is safe
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Well, this is good news to wake up to. I swear, I came to this thread first this morning hoping for good news. Do we need to add a category to the V-Day poll that says, "Almost beat my partner to death"?

Poor little Saki. That balloon must have done some number on him. Just goes to show you, though, what lengths a cat will go to when frightened. It's no wonder we don't easily find them when they get out. The link that Mags posted makes more sense than ever.

A giant of relief from my house to yours, Sicy.
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I am so glad everything is ok.:flash: :flash:
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OMG Sicy, what an emotional roller-coaster! I one time thought I had closed the door to my rental and the door bounced off and opened again and my Simba walked out and Nala was sitting on the doorstep to our little trailer but hadn't touched the grass yet. Luckily, my hubby noticed quickly, before they had walked/ran far away and weren't able to get into the street or another's yard and was able to bring them back in in a panicky 10 minutes. But I have accidentally found the door open a couple of times. Now I am moving into a house with a garage so now I can go in and out of the garage without having to worry about kittys 4 running out. Good that you found Saki, when I can't find one of my cats in the house, I call their name then throw a toy and they usually come and respond. If that doesn't work and I dont' see all 4, then I am looking under the beds, table and chairs...etc.
If I ever permanently lose one of my babies, I'm be bawlin' and so heartbroken. Thankgooness you found him!
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I'm so glad he was home safe the whole time! My cat, Simon, has done this to me twice! I don't know how they stay under there so long. Beleive me, even if you had called him, he probably would not have come out. That's what Simon did. I finally had to get a flashlight and look into every corner of the house. His eyes reflected the light so I knew he was there!

Welcome Home Saki!!!!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
OMFG you are not going to believe this!! I'm sitting here at the computer with my head in my hands and I hear my fiancee in the other room go "no way" "oh my god" SAKI WAS UNDER THE BED!!!! Jim had brought home a helium balloon for Valentine's day and I guess it freaked him out He was under the bed for 7 HOURS!!! UNREAL!!!!!!!! I am sorry for freaking out and freaking everyone out I am just SO GLAD he is here!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!
Oh thank God. I just woke early and saw this thread...and hoped by the time I got to the last message, I'd see good news!

hugs and snuggle skritches to Saki,
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YAY ! I went to bed last night worried to death about him, so the first thing I did when I got up was check in. What a nice way to start the day !
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OMG I am so happy is he home and okay!!!! Moemoe did that too use once, we thought he got outside but he really just got in the basement.
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SO glad little Saki is safe and sound Poor little fella must have been really scared of that balloon to hide out for so long
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I went through all the emotions with you I think as I just went through this thread , and I came away with a thought . Do your Cats have any ID? like a tag with your name address and phone number? or are they microchiped ? I got Patches a tag with her name on the front and our name address and phone number on back , she also has her little rabies tag on that has the number to the vet so if shes lost came one can call and say I have a cat here with the tag number 98 , then the vet can identify her. Soon she will be going in for microchipping.

It was just a thought
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Praying for Saki's safe return as well! Keep us updated!
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The reason Jim thought he got out was because when he came in, he couldnt find him. He shaked toys and treats and normally Saki would come RUNNING. He must have been reallly freaked out.

I dont believe in collars but both of my cats are microchipped. Though I wasnt too confident in that helping since there are so many cats around here I would think the only way he'd end up back at the shelter would be if he was hurt or dead

My landlord is such a @#!$% I told you. She called all the neighbors this morning wondering what the stuff was all around the building. So now I have to go sweep it up!! This is going to take me forever
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Originally posted by LilysMom
Praying for Saki's safe return as well! Keep us updated!
He is home.. lol read the thread
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Whoops, didn't notice there was more than one page to the thread! Hate when that happens!

Phew! That is good news!
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