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Saki's gone

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My freaking nightmare has come true. My fiancee let Saki out and didnt realize it for who knows how long when I was at dance practice today. I AM SO MAD THERE ARE NO WORDS!!! I just spent the last 3 hours walking around the neighborhood shaking treats and calling him. He's gone SOMEONE must have seen him in my building because the doors are all closed. Someone must have opened a door and he went out. I knocked on neighbors doors and put flyers up. I dont know what else to do.. I'm shaking so bad right now. What's worse is there are nothing but ferals here. What's even worse is I live on a BUSY street. He's not going to make it. Plus there is no way he can get back into the building. I feel faint. I feel nausious and I want to kick my fiancee right out of here because you would think he'd learn THE FIRST TIME when he let Zoey out. Unbelievable.. just unbelievable. PLEASE send some vibes.. I dont know how they could possibly help but I dont know what else to do. I am going to go back out at 2am or so to try again
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I think that nightmare is common to all of us ! Am praying he returns QUICKLY ! Keep us updated !
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Oh no! Don't lose hope Sicy. Sending lots of Saki come home!!!! vibes out to you!
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I am sending many vibes to you as well...I feel your pain, my indoor/outdoor cat princess has been missing for almost 2 weeks now
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Sicy put a litterpan outside as close to the building as you can. If you have a cardboard box, put that outside, put food and water inside of it flip it over and cut a hole in it that Saki can get into. Weight it down with something so it won't move. Wait until the world gets really quiet in the early early morning hour and take a few cans of canned food outside and pop the tops. Call to Saki softly-

Best of luck!
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Oh my God! Sicy....I'm sending mega vibes, prayers & the whole works for you right now!

Saki...come home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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OMG, I would kill someone if they did that. Actually I did that myself about 4 months ago right after Gus started chemo, I didn't shut the door. Luckily it took me about an hour to find him.
I'm hoping hoping hoping you find Saki safe. Don't give up! Miracles happen all the time especially with these little guys. I'm thinking of you. SAKI COME HOME!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so sorry, Sicy!
Saki, please come home!

Sending prayers for him to come home safely, soon!
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OOOOOH Nooooo Master Saki pleasee cooome hooome!! I will be sending lots of Saki come home vibes to You and hugs too Sicy((((( Sicy))
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Sicy, I am so sorry! I know how you feel, this is so diffucult! I am sending the biggest come home vibes I can find....
I hope you will find him soon, so you can stop worrying and start cuddling him.

((((((((((((((((COME HOME SAKI)))))))))))))))))))))
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Oh no!! Thats horrible, Sicy. I'm sending out all the 'Saki come home' vibes I can muster, and some cyber hugs for you...((((HUGS)))) Don't give up just yet!
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OMG! I'll be praying that you find Saki safe and sound. I know exactly how you feel. I've been there myself. It's my worst nightmare too. I would be losing my mind right now if I were you. I'm so sorry. I really, really, really hope this all turns out good and that Saki comes home safe and healthy. Please keep us updated.

Giving hope to all: several years ago one of my cats left and stayed gone for 3 years and just came walking back home one day - safe. I also lost Stinkie (my baby) in the woods behind our house about a year ago and after almost completely losing my mind and wandering through the woods in the dark, I finally found him and he is now safely sleeping on my bed. Don't give up!
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My stupid b of a landlord is not going to go for me putting litterpans and food near our building. Plus he cant get back into the building so what is that going to do?? I have plenty of food on the back porch but what if he cant find it? Its on the opposite side of the building where he probably got out. GOD THIS SUCKS and I am ready to kick my fiancee out of here. He's a @@#@# idiot!! I dont see how I can be hopeful here He knows his name but he doesnt come to me when I call him. This is the worst day of my life.
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Oh noooo Sicy ((((((HUGS)))))) . I am so sorry .
I will be praying for Saki's save return to you
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Sicy, dont give up hope! My Pollýanna got lost allmost a year ago. I felt so terrible, I was walking and driving the neighbourhood streets all night and all day coming home in between, crying....This was a terrible time...but more than 2 days later she jumped in through the window, like she never left! (I wish she could tell me where she was )
Hang in there!!! ((((((Sisy)))))
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Well I just walked around the whole building dumping trails of used litter hoping at least he will stay around here until I can find him. Thanks for the vibes. He's just so young.. I dont think he will come back
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Of course he will come home, he is hiding really close by scared at all the new sounds and overwhelmed by the smells, that is why you use soiled (used) litter so he can smell something familiar follow it to your backyard, or to your door.
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Don't say that, Sicy! He is probably lost and scared right now. You will find him. Don't give up. When Squirt got out a few years ago, it took 2 weeks before someone responded to the flyers I had up. He was clear over on the other side of the apt. complex, and the woman said he had been hanging out there for days. Even when my friend Kris and I went there to look for him, it took 2 times before we found him, but we did, and you will, too.
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Oh, I really wish that I could come and help you look for him. Do not give up. Keep calling him so that he will hear your voice. Have you looked in the bushes or would it be possible for him to get under the building somehow?
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Sicy, please have hope.

I know no words that I can say will help. Please, don't give up. Russell got out and wandered out when he was a year and a half due to a broken flyscreen door that my landlord kept delaying the repairs on. Russell came back.

Since he's an indoor cat, chances are he is close by.

I will provide you with a link that I did find helpful when Russell got out. It helped me to see the outside world from his point of view.

Lost Indoor Cat Help
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Sending TONS of come home Saki vibes!!!!
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Great link, Mags.
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Oh Sicy! I feel for you and Saki. I HOPE he comes back SOON! sending the vibes for both you guys.
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SAKI! Come home fella, Mommy needs you! ((((((HUGS))))))
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Oh no! Please Saki, go home!
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OH NO!!!!

Saki Please come home to Mom. She loves you and needs you!!!!

Sending come home to mom vibes to Saki.

Don't give up Sicy. I'll keep my eyes open down here.

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Stay positive! Know it's tough under the circumstances. I never thought I'd see Gus again when he escaped since he has never been outside. He was not that far from home. Too scared I think. Keep looking don't give up. Get fiance out there too with a flashlight, he let Saki out, pull the guilt trip and make him get off his butt and look, those little eyes will show up! Go girl go!!
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OMFG you are not going to believe this!! I'm sitting here at the computer with my head in my hands and I hear my fiancee in the other room go "no way" "oh my god" SAKI WAS UNDER THE BED!!!! Jim had brought home a helium balloon for Valentine's day and I guess it freaked him out He was under the bed for 7 HOURS!!! UNREAL!!!!!!!! I am sorry for freaking out and freaking everyone out I am just SO GLAD he is here!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!!
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LOL! I just sent you an email with an article about lost cats- one of the first things you do is search the house. Knowing how thorough you are, I thought you already had done that- Glad Saki is safe!
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Thank God! I'm so glad he is safe at home. I'll bet you'll be hugging and kissing him nonstop and never want to let him go again! I know I would be!
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