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The kittens are here!!!!!

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Well, we came home tonight at about 8 pm to find Sunshine hiding under a table panting. We figured she must be in labor so we moved her into the queening basket we had made her and put her in our bedroom. About 20 minutes later the first kitten came, then about 15 minutes after that a second. I thought she was done, but nope....two more arrived shortly after!! So, as of right now we have four black kittens all nursing and resting comfortably. Two of them seem to have white on their faces and paws and the other two seem all black. I ASSUME she is done, she is still breathing heavily but her stomach feels empty. I'll keep everyone posted on how they are doing. I am exhausted from watching and worrying, so I think I'll get some ZZZZ's along with the new momma kitty!! Goodnight everyone.
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Please extend to Sunshine my congratulations upon the occasion of this blessed event! Wow, four little ones! Please keep us posted.

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Congratulations to you & to the new mom..

Ow, how sweet they must be now...
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CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! ! times 4 Get your well deserved rest. . . . Let us know if there are any more come morning.
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Let me add my congratulations and best wishes to the pile!

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Welllllllllll, after I posted last night Sunshine had one more. So there is a total of FIVE kittens now! They are so adorable. It appears that two are black w/ white on their faces, two are gray with white, and one is very multi colored with a bit of orange, black, gray, and white. She is nursing them well, and seems to be in a very wonderful mood. When my two year old daughter woke up this morning, I told her to leave them alone but Sunshine came to her and wanted to be petted and was purring so loudly. She seems to be quite a wonderful mommy!!!:tounge2:
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Dtolle; When I posted last nite didn't I tell you to come on and let us know how things were this a.m. I just had A "feeling" there might be one more!!!
Now we WELCOME the "whole family"
Sunshine does indeed sound like a great mommy. . .. .She is proud and wants to share her beautiful family with your whole famly. (that is a very great compliment to you and how well you have taken care of her) I know you are going to keep us updated!

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congrats on your new family!
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Oh, baby kittens, how fun! We always enjoyed our little ones.

Everything I know about parenting I learned from my cats . . .
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Congratulations on 5 new babies. They sound so cute. I love black and white, gray and white and calico cats. My Smokey had a calico mama and he is gray and white with brothers and sisters like the ones you say the others are like. Please take some pictures.
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Congrats on the kittens. They sound adorable. I would love to see pics as well. . Miss Whitney I love the pic you posted.
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Congrats on the kittens! I'm sure they're sweet little angels.

Are you going to have her spayed now? It's best to wait until the kittens are weaned, but don't wait much longer, or she may go into heat again.
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Yes, she will be spayed just as soon as the vet says its ok. Of course as you all know from my "intro" post, I bought her pregnant. This was a lot more than we bargained for! We wanted one kitty, and now have 6!!! But they will all go to good homes, we may keep one ourselves. Its been just an awesome experience for my kids too!! I just hope to survive the next 8 weeks with 6 kittys, 2 kids, and one husband all under one roof!!
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Surviving is half the fun Here we have at all times the 11 cats and dog along with the 7 year old human child. I have found the best way to deal with the whole experience is to keep mom and babies in one room that has been kitten proofed until the babies go to new homes.
I am still wondering what in the heck a pet shop was doing with a domestic cat and pregnant too! They usually will only take in kittens or pure breed kittens.
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Well, the petshop said she was "dropped off" anonymously about 7 weeks ago w/ a litter of kittens. They sold the kittens, and she was left. When i asked how she was pregnant, they told me she had been kept in the same kennel w/ another male cat and she must have gotten pregnant while there. They claim they had no knowledge she was pregnant again when I bought her. They had told me that she had a litter recently, but they never mentioned that she had been held w/ an un-neutered male. Oh well, such is life. Its past now, and I am the proud owner of all 6 of them!!!!!!!!! I was upset when I first found out, only because I really didn't want to have the stress of babies around.....but now that they are here, I can't help but be happy....
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This is the most wonderful news! 5 new babies. WOW - that is a lot to take care of for you and Sunshine.
The best of wishes to you all.
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congrats on your new family!
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Dearest Daniela :angel2:

Congratulation's!!! I know it's so exhausting when your kitty has her's like you're right there having them with her!, I'm sure we can all relate to that

Good luck and please keep us posted Oh, and of course pics of the babes!

Love, Peace &
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Well I've been trying to post pics since yesterday to no avail! For some reason it won't go thru. So, here is the update minus the pics. The kittens are doing fine. They are nursing really well, and Sunshine seems to be quite a good mommy. From what I can tell two are black and white, one is all gray w/ a bit of white, one is gray and cream mix, and one is black mixed w/ orange gray and white. They are so adorable.
I have homes for 2 of them definitly and will be looking for loving families to take the other two. One we will probably keep, although I already love them all and dont know how I'll decide!! Can anyone tell me if its better to keep a boy or girl w/ Sunshine? Will she get along with her offspring or am I asking for trouble keeping one of them? If anyone has any advice please please share with me!!
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If I were to choose what sex to keep I would pick a boy to stay with her. I don't see a problem with them fighting at all. Kittens usually adjust very well with adults. They will have thier bouts like any sibling,spouse or roomate but all should work out in the end
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I'm glad she'll be spayed now. Having two litters in a row is not very easy.

Boy, those shop owners know very little about cats, do they? What did they expect by keeping an un-neutered male with an unspayed female? They were either very ignorant or they just didn't care...
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Hi there :angel2:

It sounds like you're having a pretty good time with those little's so much fun watching them scoot around and shoving one another for Mommy's cute

Well all I can say is soak it all up, as we know, they grow up in an instant...thank God for pictures; the camcorder, etc... :LOL:

Picking a kitty out is a tough decision; I think I mentioned in an earlier thread that my cat still has her babies with her, except they are all with my neighbors! :laughing2 They fell in love with them...thank goodness, I've got the best neighbors! So, they visit all the time

I'm definintly looking forward to seeing some pics of the babes...

Love, Peace &
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Oh, and I meant to tell you that as far my own experience with keeping a kitten from the litter; it never made any difference if it were a male or female...the Mother accepted them with no problem.

They were always close. I don't think I've ever had cats that didn't get along that were from the same litter; but I'm sure it happens.

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Congrats Daniela!!!
This is a great experience!! Give a to the large family from me!
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Congratulations!!:blubturq: :blubturq: Kittens are so much fun!!
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