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Goodbye my sweet Cookie

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It is with great sadness that I write as today my almost 19 year old cat died. She was my everything and it is almost ironic that she passed away on Valentines day. We knew she was getting sicker and sicker so we called the vet this morning and she was coming to our home at 12:30 (to check Cookie over) and possibly put her down. At 12p.m. Cookie let out a few small cries,shook a little and was gone. I wrapped her in a towel for the drive to the vet and doc confirmed her passing. Just last December we lost our Toonces to kidney failure and I am now grieving again I know my Cookie is in a better place but It HURTS So bad !!!! I am asking anyone to please say a prayer for her..she was the best cat in the world !!!!
R.I.P. my sweet Cookie girl I love you and my heart is broken
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Oh Judy, I'm so sorry to hear of your sweet Cookie's passing. She's an angel at the Bridge now. Her pain is gone, but you have taken it on yourself, grieving for a beautiful life.

My thoughts are with you, and I'll light a candle to help guide Cookie on her way to the Rainbow Bridge.
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Thank you for your kind words..It means a lot to me
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Oh Judy,

I too am sorry about the loss of your beloved cat. 19 years old is a good indication of the type of care you give your animals. I am sure there is another cat out there just waiting for you to embrace her/him when the time is right.

I pray your journey to healing begins soon. I am glad you were there for Cookie in the last few moments, she knew your touch of love before she left to a greater love. You will be reunited one day, hold on to that hope-
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I'm so sorry to hear this Judy.

Cookie is in our prayers as she crosses to the RB to wait fo you. She went at home with the people whom she loved dearly by her side. May her journey to the RB be easy, painless, and joyful. She'll be there for you watching over you with Toonces.

RIP Cookie sweet .
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I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved companion. RIP Cookie, may you be frolicking with Toonces at the RB.
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Oh god, im so sorry Judy. Your darling babies will be together again

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Very sorry to hear about Cookie. The one consolation is that she died at home where she was surrounded by people who loved and cared for her.
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I'm sorry..
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Thanks to all who responded. I know it sounds crazy but I am so lost without her here. She would even sit in my lap when I was on the computer and as I typed I think she thought I was petting her !!! Actually, she was so very friendly she would sit in anyones lap..even total strangers !!! She loved everyone but at night it was me who she slept with. I MISS HER SO MUCH ..she was my special angel whose only fault was the love of being petted !! I must say sometimes she could really pester you for attention but these last few years we never pushed her away as I knew her time here was limited. I have a guilty feeling I waited too long but then again she would have a bad day and then wake up the next morning and be fine. She became deaf 2 years ago but she still seemed like a happy girl . I suppose which ever choice I made I would always second guess it. Sadly we never know when the end is near and I hope and pray she did not suffer too much. I "talked" to her this morning and told her to forgive me for waiting so long. My husband tries to tell me that she was not in much distress and he would know because he was laying on the couch with her(petting her) until she made a little cry,and then he told me he thinks she is gone.
I just want to thank everyone here for ,once again, comforting me at one of the worst times in my life.

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I am so sorry for your loss, cookie sounds like such a sweet name for a sweet girl. She lived a long time! The oldest of my kitty babies is 4 years, I hope they live as long. I'm sorry again, I know how hard this is. She had a long happy life with you and your family never forget that, and I'm sure she was very grateful for that. How did she come into your life? If she was a rescue, I'm sure she was very glad you came along! She'll always be with you as long as you want, in your heart. Your friend hootiecat
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Back in 1985 my younger son (then 11 years old) saw a sign at the local convinence store that said "free kittens" so he road his bike to the address,picked Cookie out of a litter of 4 and road home on his bike with he in tow.... He was given a small bag of food and was told she "gets along with dogs" because we had one dog who was 7 years old. He BEGGGED us to please let him keep her and I am so happy that we buckled under his plea. She was 6 weeks old and has been with us ever since.. she was our first cat and she was a totally indoor kitty. Since getting her we "found" three more cats to join us. Toonces has passed and Buzzy is 14 years old. My son is now a married man with an 8 month old baby and when he moved out he took our other cat Rocky (13) only because Rocky and him were unseparable so we knew it was in Rocky's best interest.
And YES she will always be in my heart even though it now has a giant hole !!! Thanks for answering..Judy
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Hi again, thanks for the cute story about how you came to have cookie in your life. Aren't kids so cute and famous for convincing us"please...?" I know that is sure true. Don't worry, another cutie will come along when you are feeling better and fill in the hole, a little at a time. Hope you feel better soon. Hootiecat:icecream:
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Thanks hootiecat and I wish your kitties a long healthy life
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I am so sorry of your loss . But you are not alone in your grieve , I also lost on the 14 of February my sweet Elisha . I feel for you and my heart is going out for you ((((((HUGS))))))

May your Cookie RIP
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Judy, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel, I lost one of mine today, my sweet little Tabby girl. May Cookie and Tabby play together in the warm sun on the othe side of the rainbow bridge
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Oh, I'm so sorry for all 3 of you! I hope you will find comfort and solace very soon, it is so hard to lose a loved one, whether it be human or animal. Isn't life so unpredictable? You must spend every moment trying to assure the ones you love how much you do, cause it happens so suddenly. Please be rest assured that all ofyou are in my thoughts and heartfelt prayers. your freind, hootiecat
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I now feel less alone in my sorrow. My heart is heavy with grief for every kitty that passes. I am so sorry for all of you .. It is so sad to lose a beloved pet no matter what their age. AND yes life is so very unpredictable which is why we should cherish every day we have with both our families and our pets. One never knows which day will be the last .

May our kittys enjoy the bridge together. I know my Cookie will be waiting for me when we will meet again.

COOKIE you were the BEST !!!!! I love you so much !!!!
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I don't know what else to say - I am just so very sorry for your loss. My heart is sad and heavy for you!
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I hope you are feeling better today, I just wanted to check and see if you were. Thanks for wishing my kittys a long life! That was sweet of you, in your time of pain and sorrow, to be so unselfish. You will be better soon, maybe when you feel up to it, a kitty will find you and help chase the blues away, with it's wonderful newness. Isn't that a special time, when you are getting to know a new freind? We'll keep checking on you.....hootiecat
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Yes, Judy, it is nice to know that we are not alone in our time of need. Everyone here is so kind and understanding I am sure Elisha, Cookie and Tabby are enjoying there renewed health and vigor on the bridge
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