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Is anyone a vegetarian?

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Is anyone a vegetarian? For what reasons? How long?

I am considering making the switch...
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I want to be one but not until I'm 18 when I'm more responsible, it's going to be hard but I'm going to do it.
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I just wanted to let you know that there is a discussion about vegetarians in the IMO forum. Here's the link. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=31907
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I AM! I have been for about 6-7 years now. I never liked meat much anyway so for me it was an easy move. I did it mostly because I decided that I liked the animals better than the end product. I'm a bit hypocritical though as I still wear leather shoes (vinyl is just too sweaty) I would have to say that in todays market, it's easy to be a veg as there's lots of alternatives to meat. You do have to be careful about protein intake, I still eat dairy plus soy is a complete protein equivalent to a meat product but without the cholesterol.
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To some degree I am. I rarely eat any meat, although once in a while, I have chicken. So, I'm not a true vegan, but I'm not really a meat eater, either.
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Nope I'm not... meat is king!
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Originally posted by Cabbie
Nope I'm not... meat is king!
I'm with Cabbie. If God didn't intend for people to eat cows, She wouldn't have made them out of meat! That goes for chickens, pigs and fish, too.
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I'm with HopeHacker, I rarely eat meat... sometimes chicken but thats it. My hubby and I were vegan for quite a number of years... and vegetarian for even longer. He still uses hemp wallets and I avoid leather. I guess we are more "ethical" people. If we have to eat meat or eggs, it's organic free-range, vegetarian fed meat only.

A good book to read is "May all be fed: A diet for a new world" by John Robbins.
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Originally posted by katl8e
If God didn't intend for people to eat cows, She wouldn't have made them out of meat! That goes for chickens, pigs and fish, too.
Oh, well said!!
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I'm with you meat lovers... meat rules!

Anyway, up to my understanding, being a vegetarian is not that healthy... Although it isn't healthy at all to be eating almost all meat, neither it is with vegetables, because then the body does not get enough protein. At least that is what most doctors around here say.

Any knowledge about that?

BTW, God is a she? Not that I have any problems with it, just that it brough a giggle to me
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I am a meat eater. I also drink milk, eat cheese, and eggs.
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I was thinking of becoming a vegetarian just because of how horrible factory farming is...
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Originally posted by yoviher
I'm with you meat lovers... meat rules!

Anyway, up to my understanding, being a vegetarian is not that healthy... Although it isn't healthy at all to be eating almost all meat, neither it is with vegetables, because then the body does not get enough protein. At least that is what most doctors around here say.

Any knowledge about that?
Well, the key in ANY diet is balance -- nothing to excess. The thing I think you are picking up on about a vegetarian diet is that the human body needs certain proteins, which, when taken from animal sources, are complete and ready for the body to metabolize and use. However, proteins from most other sources are not complete. So various proteins need to be combined appropriately in order to achieve the same effect. It's not that it isn't possible, or even that it's difficult, just that one needs to be deliberate about making the right combinations.

I know lots of vegetarians who are perfectly healthy. I just don't care to join them, because I love my meat and dairy products, and believe I would find a diet without them quite boring.
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Originally posted by NewtoCats
I was thinking of becoming a vegetarian just because of how horrible factory farming is...
Have you explored organic products? There is a year-round market in my town, where local farmers/wineries/bakers/artists sell their products. One of the wineries offers chicken and eggs that live free on their property-they are some of the best I've ever tasted and aren't factory farmed. It may be hard and more expensive, but you can find meat and dair not from factory farms.
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I was for a short time. Im just not that dedicated I guess, and still like the occasional bit of meat. I have cut down though. We only eat it about once a week right now. I still like cooking typical vegetarian meals though. I use that stuff... oh what is it called... TSP? The fake ground beef stuff? Anyway I used that frequently rather than real beef. I also love making things with Tofu. I make the best "Chickfu Nuggets" ever No one can really tell that they arent truly chicken!
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count me in as a non pig/cow meat eater. YUCK! I've never liked the taste of either, I do eat fish and on occassion chicken. But give me a big ole salad...MMMM!MMM! YUMMY! I could(and frequently do) eat salad all the time! Can't really say I'm a vegan/vegitarian either, because I like milk and eggs though.
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Wow! Tofu chicken nuggets?!? May I have the recipe? Thanks!
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I have been a vegetarian for 25 years and almost all my friends are vegetarian - except the cat owners.lol.

Human beings do not have the teeth or bowel length to be true carnivores and a lot of health problems are the result of toxicity from meat residue remaining in the bowel and the toxins being re-absorbed. Also along with the protein in meat you take in the toxins and adrenaline and chemicals that are also in the animals blood stream so it is widely recognised that actually meat consumption is not healthy as it taxes your elimination systems already overburdened in ridding your body of your own waste problems. Most nutrition experts encourage the eating of less red meat meals per week and even curtailing intake of white flesh and are always trying to encourage more vegetable and fruit intake - up to 7 different portions of the latter per day.

You do need to mix and match your vegetarian diet - unless you go vegan - you can still have an odd egg, cheese and dairy - just not in excess. Vegetarian meals are generally much more creative and people who become vegetarian develop a much more refined sense of taste - lots of information on the web about vegetarian diet.

Why not give it a try for a few weeks. Good luck.

My rule is if it ever had furr, fin or flesh I don't eat it - I would rather have my animals with their furr on.......so far I have not found a satisfactory vegetarian diet for cats who are Obligate Carnivore.....but no need for me to add to the chain of suffering that accompanies rearing animals and birds and even fish for the table.
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Some years back, I saw a question, in a vet's column that made question the writer's fitness to keep pets. The person was a vegetarian and wanted to put his dogs and cats on a vegetarian diet, too. The vet informed the writer that, if he did that, he would have malnourished and/or dead pets.

As for me, I have allergies to certain veggies and just don't like some others. Bill and I are both Southern and that means meat, potatoes, beans and bread. I love the Sunday morning breakfasts, that he cooks: biscuits and sausage gravy, bacon, eggs and hash browns. We'd never eat like that, on a daily basis but, once a week is fine.

Both of us have cholesterol and triglyceride counts, in the cellar. Other than that one breakfast, each week, we keep to a relatively low-fat diet. After what Mom's been through and my ex having his first heart attack, at 50, I'm trying to keep Bill alive.
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I am sure that everybody has to do what they feel comfortable with but actually vegetarian food has little cholesterol and very little fat - it is usually the rich sauces that upset the balance. You can have yummy roast vegies with a tiny brushing of oil and sprinkled with mixed herbs and rosemary, great healthy salads with your favourite veg and low fat salad dressings - doesn't have to be a limp lettuce leaf - and wonderful meat substitutes - grilled, baked,casseroled and patties etc. You can have light cheese sauces, small amounts of curry for flavour and of course Soy Sauce, herbe and tomatoey sauces etc.

Once you throw away the cook book - the sky is the limit. Most adults actually eat too much protein anyway so that is not a problem. Check out a few of the vegetarian sites.....it is a fact that some of the great thinkers the world has known were vegetarian and actually more than half the worlds population are also vegetarian.

Anyway enjoy your food and eat it with love regardless of what it is.lol.
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Do you have any recommended sites? Wysong makes a vegan dog and cat food...
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I too am vegetarian for 30 years, as stated in the other thread. The sticking point I encounter with meat eaters is they think we only eat veg! As if they only eat meat. I have also had said to me on occassion is that a plate of veg would be boring. Well yes it would! If you lose the meat you do have to think about your food a lot which is no bad thing. I am an avid label reader and avoid all animal ingredients. It does make you realise the stuff that is in the packet products though. Do you really need all that hydro..whatisit stuff - yuk.
Anyway I agree with BK Heather - whatever way you choose, eat and enjoy
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Yeah, I turned vegetarian a few days ago...even avoiding milk products and using soy...and I can't believe how easy it has been. My parents didn't even make a big deal about it when I didn't eat the ham my dad made...

Another thing is the fact that I feel SO much better about myself. I think I was hording a lot of guilt by eating meat...I started to think of the suffering, horrible lives that animals, as sweet as my cats, lived just to get to my selfish plate. I knew I had to make a change.

I an constantly dieting as well...and I realized that I think a large part of my problem was fried chicken...fast food beef...things like that that really reak havok on a dieter's body.

We'll see how things go from here. I would like to avoid animal products as well...such as gelatin and dairy...but I think that I may eat free range eggs from time to time, does this cancel out the fact that I an a vegetarian?
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The web is saturated with Vegetarian sites but this one has some nice articles on different things - http://www.vegsoc.org/health/

This one is for those who have just decided to give it a go - useful basic information - http://www.vegsoc.org/newveg/

This site is also basic and useful information but it also has about a million links to specific aspects http://vegetarian-diet.info/vegetari...-healthier.htm

I think these are mainly UK and Australian sites but I am sure that you would find some in the USA - it is a hot topic. In the UK when mad cow disease became a problem it was great for vegetarians because suddenly we had access to pure vegetarian products that we never had before - You may not know that cheese is set mostly with Animal Rennet - made from the lining of a cows stomach, Gelatine is rendered down hoof and horns from cattle etc. When you decide to take your vegetarianism seriously you learn to read the labels and find products that use non animal rennet, set without gelatine - etc etc. Doesn't take long to learn off by heart the ones that you need to know but even without this attention to detail your health will improve.

On this point though be aware that sometimes when you stop adding toxins to your body it (the body) will have the energy to discharge
some of the toxins already there. You will maybe need to help the process a little. Drink lots of water, have a sauna now and then to clean the skins pores, use a skin brush, etc. etc.

Let me know if you want any further help.
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I think if you eat eggs the correct terminology is omnivore? spelling - eggs are actually not part of the food chain - they are part of the reproductive cycle of a chicken however I think you are to be commended for attempting vegetarianism and eggs can be deleted later on if you want too. If you still take milk products I think the term is Lacto-vegetarianism while vegan applies to someone who only eats fruit and vegetables.

With all changes take it gently and make sure that you eat a broad spectrum of veg and fruit and nuts and grain - the habit of the meat eater is to have a narrow diet - 3 veg and meat - don't take that habit to your vegetarianism. Try for at least 7 different fruits and vegies a day....don't have to be huge servings but the mix and match of the different colours and above and below ground veg / fruit will ensure that you get enough variety to give you the nutrition you need.
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[quote]Originally posted by B.K. Heather
[Bwhile vegan applies to someone who only eats fruit and vegetables.

Sorry but not strictly true - vegans eat pulses, rice, pasta, a variety of beans and other stuff like nuts! Could not actually survive with only fruit and veg. Okay a bit of an exageration but the
nuts provide essentials oils and fats the body needs. Rice and pulses supply much valued nutriments as well.
I do believe they also eat chips! (french fries in USA)
You have to be careful you dont become a little 'po faced' about being a veggie - beans on toast is good too!

Newtocats- when I turned vegetarian I could not believe how much weight I lost (I was overweight at that point) Please be careful and adapt your diet if you are trying to lose weight. It is not good to lose a lot all in one go as you probably know. Anyway take care and be sensible. Unfortunatly for me my sister is an amazing cook (also vegetarian) and I am putting it all back on again. (Her cake is to die for and not an animal product in sight!)
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Persons who ingest eggs and milk are known as ovo-lacto vegetarians. Omnivores are people who eat anything that they like.

Due to the diabetes in my family, the day is probably going to come, when I will have to drastically alter my diet. Until then, I'm going to eat, drink and be merry!
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Ha ha - Tulip thanks for those corrections - I knew the terminology was a bit suspect but was too lazy to look it up - you could say I am a very relaxed vegetarian after so long so terminology is not a big thing - I don't try to convert anyone but do try to encourage people to keep balance when they try to switch.(I know they are not veg but I had pulses and rice in the same category as veg in my mind - silly me.) Wish I had the problem of a good cook as a sister.lol.

The advice to be sensible is obviously important - maybe Newtocats you could get a book or down load some of those articles from the links.

Cindy - Thanks for your correction input as well. I would like to say that if diabetes is an issue in your family it can be diverted or at least put off for a long time if some sensible changes take place. Having to cope with the disease and make drastic changes will make your life a misery. Why not do some research because diabetes is no fun when you get it and it is probably for the rest of your life. There is nothing to say that you can't enjoy food - wonderful healthy recipes around - including cakes that are naturally sweetened and even home made. Nothing like using unrefined food to prevent early onset disease problems....including bowel cancer as well as diabetes.

Many vegetarians eats drink and are merry. My advice would be don't wait until the horse has bolted before shutting the gate.

Incidentally I am a Natural Therapist - I am a Homoeopath and know a lot can be done to preserve health and extend the time of being "merry" even with an inheritance problem hanging over your head.
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The "Chickfu Nuggets" are pretty easy but Ive never written out a recipe for it so forgive me if it sounds funny

First, choose the firmest Tofu you can. I use White Wave, freeze it for a few days to make it firmer and then when Im ready I let it thaw in the fridge. Takes a few hours, and I also drain it before using it. Make sure you drain it well.

Then you cut it in to chunks, like little rectangles. I end up with about 20 or so pieces I think. When thats ready you dip it in Mayo and make sure all sides are pretty well covered with it. You dont have to make it thick if you dont care for Mayo, just a thin coating for the oil. Then you put them in a bag of Chicken Flavored Shake n Bake and toss til its well covered. I do these one at a time since it gets really messy.

Then put them on an ungreased cookie sheet and bake on 350 for oh, about 15 minutes max I think. I cant honestly remember, as I havent made them in almost a year. But check them at 10-12 minutes and dont go over 16 or 17 min or they will dry out too much. You should be able to tell, you want them to look moist still.

Then just let them cool a little bit, dip in ketchup or BBQ Sauce and enjoy
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Mamakat - wow thanks for that. I was about the ask for the recipe as well as it sounded so fab. I can never do anything with tofu how ever hard I try it is always so TASTELESS...urgh. My sis can do amazing things with it but mine is always well just tofu! Am definately going to try your recipe as I have some firm tofu in fridge just waiting to have something stunning done with it rather than the old stand by stir fry.
thanks again.
oops forgot to ask is the shake and bake veggie? If not it doesnt matter as there is bound to be an alternative about somewhere in my local health store.
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