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Amazing fellow!

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I just brought home a new little guy (pictures later) he is about a year old. I mean this cat is amazing. No fear. He hasn't even done any hiding since he's been here. Is sleeping on my lap as I write this. I have never seen anything like it. He was apparently found as a stray but the foster Mom says she thinks he had a home as kitten and then was abandoned later since he is so friendly. But really, even with cats who weren't abandoned I have never seen anything like him! He is really something. I feel really lucky to have him in my life.

How have you all done when first bringing your pet home? I was expecting this transition period, but not with this guy!
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I would wonder if he might be hearing impaired? Either that or just starved for attention-
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Congratulation on you new family member!
It´s great how relaxed he is! I look forward to see your pics!

When I brought home my girls, they were at home right away, but both times I brought them directly from families, where they had been with their mum and littermaids, but not from a shelter. When I brought Feykirófa home (my younger girl) I even brought her two sisters home as well, so they had each other here for about a week. (I then adopted the other two to nice homes). When I brought Pollýanna home (my older girl), she instantly decited I was her new mummy, and was stuck to me as glue, very sweet. Even the first nights, she came to my bed and looked for nipples on my head, and then sucked on my hair (which does not have any nipples though )
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I just did a mini hearing check ( snapped my fingers behind his head) and all seems ok.

Well it does sound like other cats do as well, I have just never seen it before. My last adoption was two 6 month olds from the same litter. They hid for about 3 days. I didn't realize that was normal so I worried. When I brought this guy home today I was expecting more of the same. Funny too, I kid you not, at the foster home he jumped into my carrier. I mean jumped in the minute I put it out. And didn't budge. he even slept in the carrier in the drive home, as that weird or what?

I do think he is starved for affection, they do think he had a loving home for awhile and then was dumped so he may be really missing the attention.
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Well it sounds like you've given him a great second chance. THANK YOU!

(Can't wait to see piks!)
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Congratulations on your very friendly kitty!
Skinny was like that when she walked into my home. She is also my assistant in welcoming visitors and I think the guests find her more friendly than the owner!
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