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shut down bonsai kitten link.........

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I don't know if this will help get that sick link off the net but if you want to add your signatures here is the link:
Hope it works for you! Just copy and paste it into your browser....
Let's shut them down for good!!!!!!!
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Thanks for posting that link to the petition. I've signed the petition, but I'm not holding my breath waiting for the site in question to go away. As the person in charge of it has a doctorate, it's obviously politically-correct for that site to exist. Aren't yuppies just grand?

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Your efforts are appeciated, but I believe that even the petition generates more publicity and attention for the site. It is best ignored altogether, IMO.
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I agree with Deb. There's nothing to be done about it. The internet is filled with ugly things and the only thing to do is to ignore them. That site was kicked off several servers and now resides on a server than specialized in hatred sites, snuff sites and such. Believe me, it pales in comparison to its neighbors on that servers, so there's no way they are going to shut it down.

Unfortunately, the site gets a lot of traffic from outraged pet lovers and don't forget that traffic is all they want. So, the best thing to to ignore it all together.
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Anne is right. Every animal lover these people outrage is one more time they pat themselves on the back. Since the whole thing is a hoax anyway, save your fight for an issue that really matters. Even if a petition did successfully shut them down, I have no doubt that they would quickly reappear under some other name.
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Hello one and all

I just visited a site that I thought was a pratical joke. It is the
bonzai kittie.

Ok...one day I,was checking my inbox when I found one of those forwarded messages. I thought it was just another chain letter, when I opened it, I found one of the most horrid sites I have ever seen! They had made this method where they stuck poor, innocent kittens into different shaped containers and left them there for months on end after sealing up and feeding them through tubes just so they could be turned into an unusual shape! Animals do not deserve to go through something like this. This is not art, this is not funny, this is sick! Just flat out sick! I broke into tears when I saw what they did to these poor kittens. I want this to be stopped! Its against nature! This is mistreating innocent kittens! THIS IS WRONG AND MUST BE STOPPED BEFORE IT GOES TOO FAR!!! They would stick babies(which, one man did, or so I read on the Bonsai messge board) in jars to misshapen if they could! But thats illegal. So why isnt Bonsai Kittens illegal? It makes no sense. Cats have feelings and can think just like humans and deserve the same rights of freedom! What freedom do you have when you have to live in a jar for all your life? None! You cant move! Thats why this is wrong! Cats deserve to have freedom! They deserve to be able to run and be free just like every other one of gods creatures! That is why this must be stopped!

To veiw this horrid site, go to http://www.bonsaikitten.com.

I hope that the PETA association will step in and stop this. I can't believe that they haven't even done that yet.

If you know that this site is a sick joke I hope someone will tell me. Cause I won't be able to sleep tonight after seeing this.

Black cat.
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it's a joke. we have had several threads here about it. Basically the people who run this site keep getting shut down, so they start it up again on a different server.

the best thing to do is ignore it and discourage any traffic to thier website. Don't tell other animal lovers to check it out. The more hits they get, the happier they are. Their entire objective is to horrify and offend.
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It is a good thing to know that it isn't real. What some people will do for kicks!
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I went to this site a few months ago when I didn't know it was a hoax. I agree: let's ignore them. If nobody goes to see the site, it will disappear, that's for sure. That's the law of the market...

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