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Hello All

I thought I'd start off by introducing myself. Some of you may already may know a little about me. How you ask?

I am TLK's 16 year old niece (This may explain a little about my choice of name ) , and I know how she loves to brag about me. Because of this, I already know a little about this site and the people on it(from reading over her shoulder )

Like I was saying I'm 16, tall, blond, and share my aunt's sense of humor. I am a X-Files fanatic :evilalien (which further explains my name), and have even gotten my aunt(TLK) and mother addicted to it . I LLLLooovvveee to read (especially anything related to X-Files :evilalien) and OF COURSE I love my Kitties.

BTW: I know this sounds dorkey but believe me I'm not really
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your Aunt is one of my absolute favorite people on this site. She is such a wonderful person and she speaks so incredibly high of you. You are her shining star.

I'm so glad that you joined!

I can't wait to get your perspective on the things we do here. If you're anything like you Aunt, you'll have intelligent and spunky feed back for us


so welcome!

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Just want to welcome you to the site. Glad to have you with us.
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Dear LilGreenKat; WELCOME to The Cat Site! I know you will enjoy it here. You may even find a few X-Files fans. . . . . :jarswim: :dali: I know how much you love cats!

Hope to see you here often sharing some stories and opinions. . . . . .

Love Ya,
Aunt "D"
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Welcome LilGreenKat! We're so glad to have you here. TLK is invaluable here, so you have some great foot steps to follow in. Enjoy!
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Hi and Welcome to the Cat Site LilGreenKat!
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I'm very glad to meet you; and I look forward to hearing about your feline friends.

Three-Legged Kat is a very nice person — and I'm sure you are as well!


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I am glad you joined us!!!
We love your Aunt so much, and I am sure we will love you too!!
I enjoy watching the x-files, too....but my hubby is really an x-file fan!!!!
I hope you enjoy it here!! My stepdaughter Brooke is blonde and 16 also!! Maybe I can get her to join, and you two can meet!
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Hi, it's nice to meet you LilGreenKat

I've never watched the X-Files much, but the ones that I did see were always

I hear these strange beings can be anywhere you go...hmmmm...you just never know do ya...

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Hi Lilgreen cat. I'm new here also. The people here seem really nice. I'm still learning my way around the site and some things still confuse me. For instance, wasn't there a picture in this thread earlier? I looked at this thread and saw this really weird picture, and then when I came in to post it was gone. I'm not sure why that is. Oh well.
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Welcome to the place where cat lovers meet! I'm sure you'll have a great time here!!!!
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Hello LilGreenKat...

wellcome to you... I hope you will have a good time with us!!

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Hi LilGreenCat,

A warm welcome to cats forum,I,ve only just joined myself,but my daughter Kittylove has been a member for a few weeks now, and she really likes it

Jackie and Felix
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X-files you say??????? I LOVE that show and never miss a Sunday evening watching it!
Your Aunt is a wonderful person - if you share the same genes, you MUST be one too! WELCOME TO TCS - I look forward to hearing your perspective on things and hearing more about your kitties.
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Welcome LilGreenKat
I have been a member for about a month now and love this site. I have a 16 year old daughter that likes to read the posts here and we both think your aunt is pretty cool.
Oh, and BTW, my husband and I watch the X-Files every week. It's one of our favorite shows!!
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