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Just got a new black persian this weekend

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my son and i received a black persian this weekend. after much discussion, we decided that this new addition would be welcomed into our home. at first, i was hesistant because to tell you the truth i always have been afraid of cats. we decided to name him Max, and he is 10 weeks old. we have no clue what to do, as far as feeing him, taking him to the vet, ect. Max was a gift from my son's father. any help would be appreciated.

p.s. when do you get a cat declawed. he is already starting to tear at things around the house?
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I moved your food related qwuestion to the health area. This I am leaving here because it is an introduction. Welcome to the cat site. As for the de clawing question. The majority of us here are VERY against declawing. It involves cutting off their first knuckles. It is considered inhumane and illegal in many countries. There are many ways to teach them to use scratching posts and other acceptable places. Cats are highly trainable ands can learn where to scratch. I have 11 cats and none of my furniture is touched. We all would be happy to give you advice if you decide not to declaw. Just post it in the behavior forum where people will see it.
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I forgot to tell you to check out the grooming section. We just had a very LONG discussion on grooming persians. You may find it very helpful..I know I did!!
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Glad to see you hear shorbr! Welcome to the forums.

As this is your first cat, I'm sure you'll have tons of questions! Well, you've come to the right place!

Check out the various forums. Recommended threads to begin with:


vet visits for kittens

declawing and scratching

new kitten

But do feel free to ask just anything you like about cats and we'll try to help!
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Hi!! So glad you have joined us! You will find answers to any cat questions here in these forums! Just ask! Anne and Sandie really know what they are talking about!!! Hope you enjoy it here!
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