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The new kittens, kittens, kittens thread.

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Here are the pics, hopefully you'll all be able to see them now. The quality of the pics vary according to how the camera felt on the day LOL. Enjoy. If you want to copy or save any, feel free.








Parsley, Sage, Lavender and Thyme


Two grey and white girls brought to me by the local police

Bob (a bob-tailed kitten)


Vegemite showing Daisy and Moo how to be nosy
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OMG they are all so gorgeous. I have two new kittens and I cant imagine more than that. I just love Bob.
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He's cute, isn't he. I had to put a nappy on him because...well...the other kittens were taking advantage of him not having a tail to protect his 'bits' LOL

I noticed I mentioned Daisy and Moo but didn't put a proper picture of them up so here they are:



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they are so adorable esp Lavender and Bob!
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Aww Bob! I want to grab him and kiss him.

How did you find a kitten sized nappy? lol!

Will we get to see a photo of you?
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LOL Kellye, with great difficulty, I had to cut down a bluey (something akin to a puppy house training pad)

A pic of me? Oh no, no no! Did you know the camera broke last time someone tried to take a pic of me?
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Oh my! They're all so precious!
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Gee Tania- they are all so adorable! How long is Kitten season in your area of the world?
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OMG, this is cuteness overload for sure!! I love them all, who couldn't love a kitten? But I really like Meeny
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MA, the kittens usually start arriving around early October and stop around mid to late April. You always get your early or late bloomers, though LOL.
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OMG! They are SO CUTE! I wish I could cuddle them all....keep postin those
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Marzipan has my heart!
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I don't think I would ever leave the house with that much cute there! Shadow and Marzipan have stolen little bits of my heart from around the world.
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They are just PRECIOUS! I bet you've got your handful!
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Oh, just too cute for words!!!!

Shadow and Liquorice
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ohhh I am soooooooooooooo in love with Meeny
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Lavender & Marzipan!

They are all so gorgeous though Tania!

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They are all so cute! Lavender is beautiful! Vegemite looks like she is using the oven in that one picture! LOL What was she baking?
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I'm speechless. They're too cute for words!!
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I do worry about you though- Naming those cats after food....LOL You should send the one of vegamine and the oven to anne for Caption This-
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Kittens .
You sure have your hand full and I don't envy you a bit . It is a lot of work with kittens .
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LOL you guys! You all have different favourites!

MA, I'll send off that pic now, I'm sure someone could come up with a great caption.
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Val, I hope you noticed the collar Vegemite is wearing in that pic.
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CUTE!!!! Cat season is starting here for me as well, and I have a feeling this year is going to be bad.
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AWWW!!!! They are all so darn cute!!! Bob is so cute with his little diaper! I'm in love with him and Shadow!!! How did you get all these kittens? (I'm sorry if it was in a previous thread and I missed it -- I've been gone for a bit.)
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How adorable.
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Viva, nice to see you back! I'm an orphaned and abandoned kitten carer and don't worry, I don't keep them LOL! Well, just Vegemite and that was only because she has a mild heart mumour and did have Pectus Excavatum when she was younger.
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Awwww they are all so precious
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