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Can't keep him out of the trash!!!!

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I can't seem to keep Blade out of our kitchen trash. Both my b/f and I work nights and when we came home this morning I had trash all over my house!!!!! He had torn the crud out of the bag and drug everything out. When ever we catch him doing it he gets a firm no and put into another room. But it's rare that he doesn it when we are home!! When I had Dogs getting in to the trash I would put it up on the counter out of reach for them. But that doesn't work in this case he will jump up and do it all from there. I am just running out of Idea's as to what I can do to get him to leave the trash alone.
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The best would be to have a lid on your trash can and it usualy works well . Not the swing lid , but the lid you have to lift up yourself . Good luck
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You can also keep the food based trash in a small can under the sink and the odorless paper trash in the trashcan out in the room.

We keep out trash in a wooden bin that has a tilt door on it. The cats can't get inside....but we also never keep food waste in the house. We either put food waste in the garbage disposal or we immediately take it to the outside trashcan. This keeps the house smelling fresh and removes all temptations from the cats.
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Lidded trash can, and yup, one you have to step on a peddle to lift up or one that lifts upward manually. I have tried to put things under the sink, but mine just open the cabinet doors themselves and get inside the cabinets.
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Lidded trash can is a must and definitely not one with a swing lid. That's too much potential for fun to be had.

And if your cat is the type to knock the bin over and then get stuck in. Place one or two bricks at the bottom of the bin before placing the bag in. Sure you've lost some trash space, but it won't mean trash everywhere.
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Well it looks like I will doing the 2 places Idea. Only because the can I keep the trash in now is a lidded can that he knocks over. He's a persistant little booger. Since I don't have a Garbage disposal I have to throw away all food products that don't get eaten and he's become really fond of meat packages. So I will just have to put a bag under the sink or in this cabinet I have to hold the old food and trash in. And then keep the Paper trash in the can we have now and see how that does. Man, My Willow was an ANGEL as a kitten compared to Blade!!!
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I had to move my trash can into the close next to the table My little monster would do anything to get in there! I'm going to try to two trash can thing, that sounds like a great idea!
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I have a trash can with a step pedal lid. I had to put a brick in the bottom, turn the trash can so it opened to the wall and then used a bungee cord to attach it to the hooks I put in the wall. Now they sit on the lid and meow.
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I rinse out any cans or meat packaging, anything that might smell interesting to them, before it goes into the lidded trash and any food scraps are put in a ziplock baggie in the fridge until I take out the trash.
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covered trashes huh? Twig will constantly knock over the trashes so that someone will get up and give him attention. If it's not the ones in our room(on either side of the bed) then it's the one in the kitchen.I'm afraid that one day he's going to eat the coffee groudns I put in there and make himself deathly sick. I have a litter garbage on the porch(the smell is nauseating in the summer and I won't have it in the house) and we put all the meat wrappers in it(poor honey still eats chicken, fish and turkey, finally got him off the red meat though! yay for me!) but it's hard in the summer because it smells to high heaven on the day to take it out and we can't take it to the trash barrel any earlier then the night before trash collection because the flies have a field day laying eggs and icky things like that. so maybe I'll have to try the brick in the trashes AND the lid. (and maybe a brick ON the lid for good measure)
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I too have a little stinker that loves to leave garbage on my floor. I have the kind you step on, but he's a smart one & had it figured out in a matter of minuets. I'm going to be looking for a wood one with a heavy lid as under the sink is out of the question for me because there are shelves under my sink.
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