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Advice on Litter

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I know there have been a lot of posts about litter. I would like to change the litter I use. Cat Fancy this month has an article about litter. I just would like to know how you guys feel about different kinds of litter.

Right now I use regular clay litter (Tidy Cat Long Lasting Odor Control) the red bag. I would like to buy scoopable litter but it is very expensive. I read in the article that it can last up to a month depending on the number of cats you have. I have 4 cats. It also says that scoopable controls odor well.

I have to change the litter boxes every couple of days because of the smell. I can't stand it.

Do you think it would be wise for me to switch?
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I have used both and I have mixed them. I personally have found the clumping to hold odors at bay the best. People say they like the pine litters because it really does neutralize the odor but I found that I did not like the smell of wood and poop. You need to clean the poop right away or it smells really bad.
Cats actually are said to prefer the scoopable because it resembles sand. I would just look and investigate to find a brand that does not contain sodium bentonite. The only drawback I have found is the dust some can produce. The only one I have found that I like is the arm and hammer scoopable. I have 6 boxes and the 11 cats, I only have to completley dump once a month and I add litter every week.
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Thank you for this info Sandie. What is sodium bentonite? Is it bad for cats or humans or both? Do you think I should try the Tidy Cat Scoopable first to see if the cats like it?

I really need to switch if I only have to dump out the old litter once a month. I buy 3 20 lb bags a week. I only have 2 litterboxes. This is because for some reason all of my cats use the sameone. I have more but they choose not to use them so I stoped filling them.

I also would like to buy The Omega Paw Litterbox. Have you heard of this? Do you think it is a good idea?

The web site is www.omegapaw.com/LitterBox.html
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The sodium bentonite is the agent some use to clump the litter. It is harmful to humans and cats if inhaled often.
The scoopable is more expensive, but to give you an idea, we go through about 30 lbs a week, but that is 6 boxes. I would leave one box with the old litter or I would just gradually add the scoopable over time until it is all scoopable. This way you dont have any accidents.
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Here's my imput. I use the pine litter (which because I live out west I can get it cheaper in the horse feed store as it's really horse bedding and I can get it in bulk, 35lbs for $6, but I can imagine what I'll pay when we move back east) because I've been told that the clumping litter gets between the paw pads and when the cat grooms himself, it ends up clumping inside the cat and the cat can have serious problems is why I no longer use the clumping type. I also use pine because it's less on the dust (and with one cat with asthasma, it's better). I do dump my litter boxes and use fresh litter every day as my cats don't like dirty boxes (and I have enough litter boxes, but they are spoiled cats) so I do go through litter alot. It's also better because if a small piece gets into the cat's eye, it doesn't scratch it which is wonderful for kittens. Sorry for being so long, but I get carried away (no comments Sandy or the rest of the CT. gang, that means you too Ken).

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Frannie I wonder if I can buy that around here we have a lot of farms around us. We have ducks and I have to go to the feed store to get there food. Do you think they might have it? I'll have to ask next time I go.

Sandie thank you again for the info. I would not want to breath that stuff in. I have a kitten do you use scoopable for your kittens?
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Do you know anything about that litterbox? Is it good? Should I try one?
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Oh yeah, the litter box. You could try it and see. I was going to get one but with 6 boxes, it would be more of a pain for me.
As for my kittens, as soon as they are 12 weeks old I let them use the regular litter. When they are really little I use the regular clay type. That way they dont eat it.
As for the pine litter, you can try it and yes it does work with the urine odor. However be prepared to empty the poop right away as there is no way for them to bury it and the smell will stay there until you dispose of it. Maybe I just have a sensitive nose, but I couldnt stand it.
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How do I find out if sodium bentonite is in the litter? The box doesn't list any "ingredients".
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I switch litters quite frequently. I was buying Exquisicat, which is PetsMart's brand, but I couldn't stand the smell of amonia after a while. Ok, I admit.....I'm lousy at scooping out their waste It makes me gag! One night before we went to California, PetsMart was closed so I went to the grocery store and bought Fresh Step, and I was really impressed with it! It is a bit expensive...... around $2.79 for a 10 pound bag, but no odors! The other day, I bought Tidy Cats multi-cat litter, and I am also impressed with it, too!! No odors as of yet!! So, right now for me, it's a toss-up between Fresh Step and Tidy Cats! And, what's best about Tidy and Fresh Step, it doesn't have that scented smell, either.
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I swear by Wal-Mart's Special Kitty yellow bag litter. With the brood that we have (and them all prefering the ONE box--the others go mostly unused), I change the box preferred once a day. (7 full time indoor cats) However, if I'm out of the house or forget occasionally, it can go 2 days with no odor outside the box. Now, once you change the box, it's a different story! (For whatever reason, that litter wicks the urine down to the bottom of the box...talk about ammonia smell <whew>)
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Well, I've just about had it with my Feline Pine. I switched to this because Muffy had babies, and I wanted them to be safe. I'm switching back to clumping this coming weekend. The kittens are gone, except Puffy, and he's almost 12 weeks old. I just can't handle the poo smell anymore. It does great with the urine, but poo, ick. I swear, you walk in my house, and that's what you smell. And I do scoop it out about 3 times a day. It is cheap though...
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