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Me and Nemo

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hey all... Steve here from South Florida.. just heard about this site from a friend....

I've just recently been through hell in that a mistake at a local vet ended the life of my 9 year old

This was her:

Tues morning when i found out started the day off as maybe the most difficult day in my life of 32 years, she meant so much to me

Maybe i acted too quick, maybe i didn't, but just the day after, after much prodding by friends and family to move fast, i found a new kitten to start with, my girlfriend came up with the name Nemo and i look forward to many years with my new pet

Here's some pics of him:


look forward to sharing some ideas and stuff on this forum.. thanks to Louse76 for showing this up
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First...Nemo is adorable!! I'm sorry about your loss of your other cat.

At some point you may want to get Nemo a buddy because cats do really well when they have a playmate. Here is some information:


Glad you decided to join this board...loads of great people on this site.

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Hi Steve, I sympathize, last year I lost a gorgeous perfectly healthy cat due to a mistake made at the groomers. Welcome to the community! Congrats on the new kitty!
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i'll post this for a little while as my bandwidth holds out..

here's a video i just took tonight of Nemo...


don't we all wish we were so easily entertained?

he also had quite the fun "attacking" Windows Explorer's "Copy File" window, haha
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I just got through watching the video of little Nemo... What a precious one he is. I am very sorry about your RB kitty though!!
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Welcome to TCS! I'm just checking our your pictures now,Sorry to hear about the loss of your cat.

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Welcome to the site Steve!

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your precious girl. She was a beautiful cat.

Congratulations on adding Nemo to your family. He's just adorable! Loved the video of him.
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I am so sorry of the loss of sweet cat .
May he RIP
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Hello Steve and Nemo. Welcome to the site. Really sorry about the loss of your first cat
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Welcome from another south Floridian! I'm so sorry you lost your kitty. She was gorgeous! I hope Nemo starts to heal your heart. He looks like a sweetie!
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you and Nemo.

Sorry to hear about your first kitty.
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I am very sorry to hear what happened to your little girl
She was so beautiful!!!

Nemo is a little cutie ....great video!!
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Welcome to TCS Steve, Sorry to hear you loss your cat of 9 years that is along time ...I have had my 2 for 7 years... Your new kitty is cute love the name Nemo.....
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So how's Nemo doing? It's been a whole five days!! I bet he's doubled in size! Or did you lose him? Have any problems Finding Nemo?
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Hey Steve just checked out the pictures of your first cat - a real sweetie. The lion cut looks so cute. My Mischa has to have that done sometimes 'cos she matts up terrible ever since I first got her groomed! Nemo is a poppet.
couldnt get the video but I bet he looks cute
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