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New Kitten...

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Yayyy, we have adopted a new kitten just an hour ago .

I wasn't planning about it; it all happened all of a sudden !

She's just 7 weeks old & I think is a Siamese mix ??

I still can't believe that we have a new kitten

We are going out to shopping for her now.

Yaay, yaay, yaay:blubturq:
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that is so exciting! have you picked out a name yet?

congratulations on your newest addition!

:angel2: :angel2:
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Congratulations on your new kitten!! I just love kittens! I can't wait for Pics. :blubturq:
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me too me too me too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats dodo! How did you find the little one?
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Congratulations on the occasion of your adopting a kitten! Please tell her I said "Hello!" and give her a kitten-sized hug from me.


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Well, we sometimes visit Petco on Saturdays just to pet some kitties for adoption. That's how we found Yumosh, too..This kitty was in a cage, with its 3 littermates (one of them was adopted yesterday), all of them white with icy blue eyes (don't look like baby blues, I think this is the permanent color)..We learned that the owner kept the mother but left the kitties to the rescue center That is, he never had a mother ..So I begged to hubby & there was no waiting list or anything & we brought him home

Aaand as a suprise, I have just realized that this kitty is actually not a she, but a he (I guess ?? ) ! Well I was too excited when we were in Petco, so I trusted the foster mother when I said that I wanted a female & she said that this was a female..To tell the truth I was dissappointed at first when I saw that it was not a she but a he; I don't know anything much about male kitties..I even bought him a pink & purple collar; do you think that I can still use it for a male kitty ?? Anyway, a kitty is a kitty & they are all lovely & precious..My hubby got excited when he learned that it might actually be a he (still not 100% sure, but quite sure though)

He was skittish at first but we gave her food as soon as we came home, he ate them & became very playful..He can't sit in one place, very active as a normal kitty should be..

I don't think about naming that much. Since he has beautiful blue eyes, we are going to call him Mavish, which means basically blue

I took some of his pictures but it will take some time to get them developed.. Will try to take a snapshot with the PC camera..I told everyones hi to him

Thanks for sharing my excitement..
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A blue-eyed male cat named "Blue" needs a blue collar, wouldn't you agree?



P. S.: Male cats are nice people, too. In my experience, they tend to be very friendly and love cuddles. There's no need for you to be disappointed!

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Mr Cat, you are right. Blue would be better

Here are 2 of his pics.. I know they are blurred but he doesn't sit still even for a milisecond !!
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one more..
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Mavish is a total cutie, isn't he? No matter what the future holds vis-a-vis sterilization, he's a ladies' man for sure! You've done well, giving little Mavish a wonderful "forever" home!

Please keep us posted on all his doings!


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he is absolutely precious! No wonder you couldn't leave him at petsmart
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sounds like a good match!
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Mavish is adorable. We were away for a few days so now I am trying to catch up on all the things that have been going on while we were gone.
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Oh, Dodo, he is beautiful! No wonder he stole your heart!

He doesn't look especially Siamese to me, but I suppose it's hard to tell sometimes until the points come in . . . My mom had a white cat with blue eyes for a while, so perhaps I'm missing something.

Enjoy your new little love! What a cutie!
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I love kittens. He's such an adorable little cutie pie. Congratulations :blubturq:
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