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Hey Amber, I know what you meant. Anyone who's ever read your posts knows what a good cat mommy you are, and you already said several times in this thread that you were taking Spica in soon. I'd also like to know how vac shots are associated with bad breath.

When you first start brushing her, do a little a day if she won't let you do it all at once. Be VERY gentle to the gums, as they are more delicate than human gums. I talk constantly to Pixie while I'm doing it so she's not so nervous.

I had to laugh when you mentioned that you were paranoid since she was your first inside cat. Not at all, I'm exactly the same way, and I'm proud of it! You want your cat to be the healthiest he/she can be. Sicy and I are seriously uber-vigilant about our cats' well-being, and chat with each other often to compare notes. Both of us run our cats to the vets all the time, but not everyone can do that.
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Thank you! I'm glad you can see that It really made no sense why she posted what she posted, but I dont have a gift with wording things so It's partly my fault probably.

I'll be suprised if Spica lets me brush her at all! She's not the type of cat that wants to be messed with. She's rather be sleeping, playing or looking out the window! I didnt know they were more delicate! I guess they are though...cause they cant exactly say "ow" if we brush too hard.

I am paranoid, but sometimes I think I'm too paranoid. I like being paranoid too though because sometimes it can be very handy preventing a disaster. I've rushed mine to the vet before and it's been nothing. I cant really afford to be doing that so that's why unless it's something I know for sure is a problem, I try to post and ask about it first. Believe it or not one cat was laying around alot one day and I took him in and they said he was perfectly fine. That's when I decided I was getting alittle too paranoid. Silly kitty was fine when I got him home except for being mad at 'mommy' for taking him to the vet!
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Originally posted by Deb25
I have seen many, many posts where advice is offered. But I also believe that when the people on this site who know a hell of a lot more about animal care than I claim to tell someone to see a vet, it is in the best interest of the animal. I see too many owners who are loathe to put their hands in their wallets beyond food and litter.
I have not been posting here for long, and I notice that this issue has turned somewhat into a disagreement but all I wanted to add is that it is ovbious that most everyone who uses this site loves their cats and wants the best for them. Otherwise there wouldn't be pictures everywhere of everyone's cats, there wouldn't be posts of people's concerns, or stories about their cats and how happy they make them. It doesn't seem to me that these are the people who do not want to spend any money on their cats other than litter or food. Some people just want to share their thoughts and feelings and see what everyone else thinks. There are also others who may not be able to afford to take their cat to the vet for one reason or another. I noticed my cat just not being herself a couple of months ago and posted about it for advice. I couldn't afford to take her to the vet that week, but if need be I would surely have allowed my phone to be disconnected or done whatever it took to get her in if it had been an emergency.

As far as kitty breath goes, my Dori's breath doesn't seem to smell too bad. It sometimes smells a little fishy after she has eaten. I give her half a can of food in the morning and she always has Science Diet dry food down. I give her tarter control treats also. Her teeth are white and shiny. But she is only a year old, so she hasn't had much time to mess them up.
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