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Open Wide!!

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Do cats have tonsils???

I just sent this to Caption This. Taz can be quite talkative and I finally have proof!
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Awwww!! That's so cute!!!
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That's so cute!
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I love it!! We've been trying to get a picture like that of Solaman.
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Here's a great thread you might like

Give us a yawn!
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I was actually trying to get a picture of all 3 cats together. I was waving a toy above the camera to get their attention and didn't even notice he had his mouth open until I looked at the screen (taken with a digital camera). I don't think he was yawning, actually I'm not sure what he was doing.

Sicycat - I loved that thread, unfortunately I haven't been able to stop yawning since looking at it. It really is contagious!
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LOL! This is such a funny pic!
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thats so cute it looks like he's singing opera hehe
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Kym, you just took the words out of my fingers. I was going to say he looked like he was singing
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That sure is one pink tougne
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OMG that's an awesome picture! I love Taz!
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Great picture! Very cute.
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Great picture!! Can't wait for it to turn up in Caption This! We'll have a field day with it!
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