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I suffer from occasional insomnia sometimes too. Like you, it can take me up to 4 hours to finally get some sleep even tho my body is screaming for sleep! Your mind is so active it won't let your body turn off. One thing that almost always works for me is to get out of bed. Completely leave the room. I walk around the house, then sit on the couch with my favorite comforter. Most of the time, I will be asleep in under 30 minutes once I leave the bedroom. Bring a lapcat with you. Stroking his fur will help to relax you.

Make sure your parents know you will be trying this. The first time I tried this, I didn't tell my S/O who woke at 4AM without me and went searching. Now he just goes down to the living room to wake me up when the alarm goes off.


PS...if you're hungry at night, make sure your snack is very light. Try a glass of milk or pudding.