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Feeling like crud....crud....crud....crud....crud...

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Ok... I admit it.... am feeling like crud. Embarrasing but here it goes:

I've been suffering from Imsomnia all over for months. I went to the doctor at first, but he said that taking an hour to get sleep is normal in many people and he was wary of giving me sleeping meds for my age. He also told me not to eat anything strong before going to bed (How about Yellow rice, Chicken, and red kidney beans for midnight snack?)

Now it has reached peak. I think I can count with one hand the amount of days in the past weeks that I've had a good sleep. Many times I am taking three and four hours to get sleep (which is horrible when you take into account that I go to bed at almost midnight).

Last night I was still awake at around three o' clock in the morning (Sleepy and heavy eyes, but can't get sleep), and when I fell asleep then at around 5 AM .... my allergies woke me up. And I didn't want to take another Claritin, as I already had taken one just before going to bed, and its a 24 hour pill.

To make matters worse, I am starting to get a cold... so I've got a sore throat, allergies, and sleepiness.

I am right now on perhaps two hours of sleep at the very most.... and the only thing that has me from falling asleep is two cups of coffee.

I think I will have to talk to the doctor again... this is intolerable.

I am feeling like crud, crud, crud.
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Victor, Sorry you're having such bad luck getting to sleep, it takes me two or three hours as well(but I drink alot of coke )
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Have you tried tiring yourself out physically, e.g., practicing some type of sport? Or, if you're a "no sports" person, how about walking, yoga, or tai chi?
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I am black belt in Tae Kwon Do... the two teachers at the school are both ex trainers of the Puerto Rico national Olympic team, so they are bound to leave you tirer than if you had done the marathon. I also am one of the professor's assistants. So I am a "yes sports" person.

Most of the time I go to bed with the same tiredness as if I had been on a construction site... its getting sleep the problem.

I forgot to mention: I have tried the eating lightly... just that before I get asleep I get hungry and the hunger then lets me sleep less.

I am also having a splitting head ache... I have had migraine many times, so I hope it isn't that.
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Have you tried melatonin? This has helped me, for years and it doesn't give you a sleeping pill "hangover". Its available OTC, in the diet supplements/vitamin section.

Stay away from those OTC sleep aids - they are all antihistamines and, since you're already taking an allergy med, it might not be a good idea.
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Have your doctor prescribe you some sleeping pills.
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I've never heard of melatonin. I will check it out on Vitamin World and Walgreens

Thanks katl8e, I had been thinking of the OTC things... but may I ask a question... if its antihistamine... then why on earth isn't the allergy med knocking me out?

Debby, that's what I am planning to do.
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I have trouble with insomnia sometimes. My doctor prescribes Ambien for me though. I like it. It only stays in your blood for 4 hours and you don't wake up feeling drugged.


If you want something OTC then maybe try not taking the second claritin (which you probably shouldn't take anyway since it's a 24 hour pill) and take a Benedryl instead. We used to use that for our post open heart patients in the unit. But ask your doctor first. Claritin is an anihistamine but is one of the newer generation ones that don't make you sleepy.

Many people also swear by melatonin but unfortunately it doesn't work for me. My mom loves it though. It's very inexpensive too so that is another good suggestion that katl8e made!
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Well, If tomorrow I am still alive, then I will persuade my parents to take me to the ball of a doctor (he's incredibly fat). Up to my understanding of what I read in the Mexican Scientific magazine "Muy Interesante" (Very Interesting) that its a long time for a tired person to fall asleep in 30 minutes...

If that's insomnia, then I wonder what is 4.5 hours to get sleep.... super insomnia?
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Another OTC, "natural" remedy that works for a lot of people is valerian root.
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Jcat, I don't mean to sound incredibly stupid... but what on earth is Valerian root? The only place where I've heard of something like that was in Anne Frank's diary (which I read in English) where she mentions that due to stress and depression she's been taking "Valerian Pills".
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I've tried taking Claritin for my allergies, and it makes me extremely agitated and hyper. I can only sleep 2 or 3 hours a night if I take that stuff.

You should have a doctor do a full assessment of your medications and your situation. I would not recommend mixing any more OTC remedies without a doctor, or a pharmacist, having a look at potential combinations.
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Try limiting your intake of stimulants (caffiene, sugar) by a certain number of hours before bed. I don't allow myself to have caffeine or sugar 4 hours before I intend to go to bed. Stretching half an hour before bedtime also helps relax me. A few months ago, I bought a "memory" foam pillow. It wasn't cheap but it really is comfortable and helps keep pressure off my neck. Lastly, PLAY with your CAT!
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I've never had that problem with Claritin, but I only take it when I have bad allergies, which can be very bad for two weeks and then reappear two months. Although I don't find correlation between my taking Claritin and insomnia episodes, I better mention him I am taking Claritin.

BTW, I am not taking regular claritin, I am taking Claritin-D Extended Release. the regular one doesn't work for me.

As for stimulants... I am a chocolate addict... I cannot survive a day without a bar of Hershey's But I have been doing this: No caffeinated sodas, coffee, chocolate or such.

My mom is such a caffeine adict that she cannot sleep without a cup of coffee during the night.
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I am sorry you are having so much sleep problems. It is terrible not to be able to sleep. I have a different sleeping problem, I usually fall asleep very fast, but I dont go to bed untill 3-5 AM, therefore not beeing able to get up in the mornings and always beeing tired.

Years ago, I took a course with some people with different problems (mine was anxiety and phobias, mostly agoraphobic). There was this psyciatrist that did that course, and he was very good. One of the people could not get to sleep at night, and after a few weeks, after following the advise of the psyciatrist, he went to bed and slept like a baby!
If you want, I can look in the back of my head and try to remember those advised, at least most of them. I have email and msn at the same address: kisamin@mi.is

Good luck!
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Thanks for that, Sesselja, I am adding your address to my MSN list. Is the address a hotmail? Yes, please try sending that if possible.
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Take a look at www.adrenalfatigue.com and see if you fit the symptoms. He has a book out too. I'll tell more about it another time.
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Here's the one for burnout:

Burnout Questionnaire
Your Score for the Test is: 61

The interpretation is as follows:

0-25 You are doing fine.
26-35 Your stress is starting to show.
36-50 You are a candidate for burnout.
51-65 You are burning out.
over 65 You are in a dangerous place.

If you scored above 35 you need to immediately change your lifestyle to incorporate regenerative activities. Stress comes at a price; it accelerates aging because it overtaxes your whole body. It is very important that you do something now to help yourself. Burnout is only one part of Adrenal Fatigue. If you don't already have a copy of Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome, get one and use it along with the contents of this website to start examining your lifestyle so you can get out of burnout and back to a life you love (pages 97-222 in the book will be of particular help). They may be the most valuable tools you've ever used.


Seems that the joke my mother makes that sometimes I act as if my head was a bon fire has more to it.
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I put on the local talkback radio show on quietly, I used to have trouble sleeping but now I just drift off while listening to people debate about the worlds problems, it's actually quite relaxing.
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Update on my feeling like crud....

Today I have been feeling horrible due to my allergies and cold... on top of the runny and stuffy nose I have been feeling my head as if it was about to explode... not pain or migraine, but like if it was swollen from the inside.

The only good news are that I've now got a bottle of Melatonin... 120 mg. I will try it as last night I slept less than the other night.
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It's the Decongestant in Claritan. It's pseudaphedrine, which causes people to be edgy.

Make sure you tell your Doctor about it. Allergy pills with decongestants always make my heart race, and they make my husband have panic attacks.
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So, you already knew about adrenal burnout and the book?
I'm going through it for the 2nd time in my life, only the first time I had no clue what was wrong. I'm not as far down this time, because I started with a new naturopath who did a quick test on me when I said I wondered if my adrenals were involved. He has me lay down and get relaxed, then takes my BP, then he has me stand up and takes it again right away. The first time he did it his reply was 'boy, you really are shot!' When you stand up, your BP should go up a little, but when your adrenals are low it drops instead. Low BP is common with low adrenals too.
There's also an eye test you can do yourself to check your adrenal funtion. I'll look it up if anyone wants.
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No, I did not know about the book, nor Adrenal Fatigue... I just entered the site when you suggested it.
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Originally posted by woodsygirl
It's the Decongestant in Claritan. It's pseudaphedrine, which causes people to be edgy.

Make sure you tell your Doctor about it. Allergy pills with decongestants always make my heart race, and they make my husband have panic attacks.
I think Woodsygirl is right about this....the Claritin D might be keeping you up at night. Most decongestants will cause insomnia & make you real jittery. I would definitely tell your doctor about this. I too have bouts of insomnia & my doctor recommended that I take Benadryl to help me sleep. Since I've got allergies that last all year round (I think I'm allergic to my cats! ), I'm killing two birds with one stone that way. If you do decide to try Benadryl, make sure you get the kind in the pink box. It doesn't have any decongestants in it. There are other kinds of benadryl on the market & the others will say "For sinus"...stay away from those. They have those dang decongestants in them. Also Tylenol PM has the same ingredients in it also (including the drug for pain).

Hope that helps you!
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Yoviher, I hope it helps. According to the man who wrote the book and my experiences, most MDs won't address the issue at all until it's in the Addisons stage, which is when your adrenals give out. I'd rather not wait that long myself, since it may not be reversable. I think I was getting close to that point last time I was ill. Homeopathy brought me out of it back then, but won't do all the work this time since I went into perimenopause early becuase of the adrenal burnout. Not a good combination to have at once!
He wrote the book to help educate people on it before they get into addisons disease, so they could follow his suggestions to prevent it and to build your adrenals back up and keep them that way. Not many people are aware of it and it's at the base of a lot of health problems that arise as a result of weak adrenals, but MD's just treat what comes up and people never get what they need to build up their adrenals, so they continue to decline over the years unless one has a completely stress free life. HA!
My problem stemmed from 5 years of the big stressors: 3 moves, 2 homes built within a year of each other, a pregnancy and birth, the death of my father after I found out I was pregnant, and my grandmothers death. That was a bit much for my system. My midwife was concerned about me throughout the birth, knowing what I'd gone through that year.
So I'd say everyone should have that book to learn how to prevent it.
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Victor you poor thing!.

I've been lucky to never have problems sleeping, and if i don't have at least 7 hours sleep i feel physically ill!.

Have you tried reading in bed?, because i can be ready for the land on nod within 30 mins when i read!.

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No, I have never tried reading in bed, but that's a good one.

Anyway folks, I've got an update:

Tried the Melatonin; had one 3 mg pill just before going to bed and went to bed.

Once in bed my head aches worserned incredibly and felt some dizzyness (have you ever lied in bed and felt as if the bed was moving like a hammock?). And after a few minutes that's all I remember. I went K.O. as if I had just had a fistfight with the governor of California.

At 9:30 AM I woke up with my mind on the far side of the moon and with heavy eyes. I still have the heavy eyes and sleepiness.... except that I slept a full 10 hours.

I have had a big Coke, and I still feel tempted to ask "has someone got the license plate of that truck?"

Anyway... I guess we just tried killing an ant mound with a nuclear missile... this morning I read the small print on the back of the Melatonin bottle and it read that it isn't meant for someone below 18 yrs of age. And I am 15.
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Sleep problems do go with adrenal fatigue, which makes it worse. One of the flaws in human disign, I guess. I've been sleeping better since being treated for it and I found out last weekend that my muscles have improved. I was able to plant and transplant shrubs without being crippled up by it for days after.
Yoviher, I assumed you were older than you are, but anyone can get adrenal fatigue. Young people these days carry a big load and the bulk of them live on Starbucks, sodas, and fast food, which stresses the adrenals too, so they may be in for some major problems in their future.
It's good that you're educating yourself on how the human body works. Keep on learning and you'll do better all your life. Take care!
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Allergy meds always keep me awake at night. I never take extended relief types and make sure that when I do take them (the 8 hour kind), they are out of my system by 10PM. I also read myself to sleep most nights.

Sorry you are going thru this Victor!!
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Allergies can also come on as a result of worn out adrenals. My pollen allergies just started all of a sudden one summer, 7 or 8 years ago, after never having them for 30 some years. That's when I first came across something saying that low adrenal function can be the underlying cause, but I didn't look into any further, thinking I'd get over it once life settled down, which it didn't. So I'll see if I have less trouble with them this summer.
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