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Rhea and her baby need prayers

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Rhea (Bodlover) has had her baby - Rayanne and I just received this email:

I had a text message from Rhea last night, Rayanne has something wrong
with her blood which has caused her to fit. She has now been moved to the
Special Babycare Unit in the Leicester Royal Infirmary, where they are
carrying out test for brain damage etc. I just feel so sick. I am sure
you will join with me and lots of others to pray that everything will be ok
for the little mite.

God bless
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By caused her to fit, do you mean seizures? Poor little one, please let Rhea know that she and baby are in my prayers
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Yes, fit means seizure.

I will pass on the message.
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Good thoughts and prayers for Rhea, Rayanne and the whole family.
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Sending special thoughts and prayers to Rhea, her baby and the rest of the family!

I hope the baby will be ok!
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Oh nooo , I am so sorry to hear that .

I will be praying for the family
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The family is in my thoughts! I hope the baby will be alright!

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Ohhh, this must be so difficult for all of them, to be going through this. I send them my prayers and wishes for good news and good recovery for Reyanne.
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Count me in on the healing vibes! I KNOW they work!
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Oh my God! How stressful for the family! I will say a prayer for the baby and family tonight. Poor Rhea - I hope the baby recovers completely and real soon!
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This has been such a rough road for Rhea and Sam

Kellye, please send my love and tell her that she, Sam and baby Rayanne will be in my thoughts
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My only thoughts are of a full and strong recovery for baby Rayanne, and much strength for Rhea and her husband.
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my thoughts and prayers for her and her baby...hope that the baby will be fine...

kellye, pls keep us updated...
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Oh Kellye, thank you so very, very much for letting us know how Rhea and the baby are doing!!!! I have been so worried about her!!!

PLEASE, PLEASE...tell her I love her and am thinking of her and praying for her and the baby!!!!!

Keep us updated if you hear anything more and could you e-mail me since I don't often have time to come here as much as I used to?? Please?
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Debby - will do.

I know that this baby is a real battler.
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I'm so sorry to hear that news! I was praying that everything would be ok & I'm still praying that baby Rayanne will make a full recovery!

Sending mega prayers, thoughts, vibes & etc their way!
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Oh no! I hope the baby makes a full recovery. Sending prayers for strength and healing.
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Baby healing vibes are being sent.
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Sending out healing vibes to baby Rayanne and Rhea.

I do hope she makes a speedy recovery.
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any more updates, kellye? been thinking about them...
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Oh my gosh. I'll be keeping the whole family in my thoughts.
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Here's to hoping for a speedy and full recovery for both mom and baby.

Please tell her we are all thinking about her.
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Lots of love and prayers for Rhea, Sam and Rayanne winging their way from Western Australia.

Get better soon little girl.
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Any updates??

I'm praying they're okay!
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Oh, my goodness! Keeping Rayanne and Rhea in my prayers!! Please keep us updated.
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Tons of prays and vibes going there way! Hope the little one will be okay!!!
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My heart and prayers go out to you.

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An update!

Thank God! And thank all of you for your prayers.

Rhea and Rayanne are going home tomorrow. Rayanne had too much blood in
her body, so they have had to drain some. She is now on medication for 6
weeks, so as to control it. However she is feeding well and thriving.
Hospital have said there should be no long term problems.

I am so pleased for them.

kind regards
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I"m so glad they are going home! Tell her they are in my thoughts everyday.
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