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Daily Thread for Friday the 13th! :)

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I hope you are all having a nice Friday!

I went to the mall to see if I could find some bargeins on baby clothes on the end of sales. I really did. I have to give a lot of "new baby" gifts now, there are so many babies "I know" beeing born this month. I bought 3 very nice gifts, and will go again this weekend to find some more.

I took Feykirófa to her yearly checkup and shots today, and talked to the vets about Pollýanna. They want her in on Tueday, to try to empty the cysts and take piopsy (sp?), to see if this is cancer. The bigger cysts are getting smaller, but harder, which is bad, and the former smaller are now bigger than the othere ever were, and seem ready to explode. It will be good to know what this is, even though I dont really want to know of any cancer or bad things...
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Aw hon, I'm so sorry for you. I'll be sending get well Pollyanna vibes for you.
Yesterday was Brads uncles surgery. they think that they got all the cancer removed. the doctors told us it was as large as his whole pelvis region! the surgery took almost 4 ours but if everything turns out right(which it did thankfully) then it was WELL worth the wait. From what I gather he won't be on a colostomy bag, and with chemo he should recover. THANKS TCS! you all are my heros!
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Friday the 13th! My only bad luck is I have so much work that I have to come in tomorrow for a while.

I will send some good vibes to Pollyanna (poor baby). Jugen, I'm glad that your husband's uncle is doing well!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Hey all you!

It was Friday the 13th yesterday for so, and I can safely say I had no bad luck, oh no wait I stood on a broken glass and my foot was bleeding for about thirty minutes,owwwwww.

Sesselja sorry to hear about Pollyanna, she's still in my thoughts. Barb, sorry to hear about brads uncle having surgery, but I'm sooooo glad he's doing well.(I must have missed this thread, going to search for it)

Today, I'm staying home I woke up an hour ago and it was P***ing down with rain and then went back to sleep for another ten minutes and I woke up and it was everywhere and now there's black clouds over us..eeeek.

I'm just going to stay at home today(probably!) post at TCS, work on my site, eat!(ohhh and BTW we got a new toaster it's soooooooo great, it's a big stainless steal one with crumpet control, all these buttons and it's so exciting!lol) , I might go to the beach later if my foot feels better and the weather clears up. Tonight I'm going out to dinner and a movie with mums ex boyfriend(Ian) and his daughter(Jess), which as you know are my Dad and my sister according to me.

So I hope everyone has a good day and nothing bad happens...

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Sesselja - I hope you get some good news about Pollyana!

Friday the 13th will be over here in 25 minutes. I am soooooo tired! Going to post this and then go to bed.

Ron has a throat infection. The antibiotics are helping and his fever went down today. Still having spent the past few days ill in bed, today he was like an energizer bunny! I have been teaching the whole morning, after getting very little sleep last night and when I came back home I had to look after one very energetic little boy and one very colicky baby Also tried to squeeze in some computer time, but by now I am just toooooooo tired to work.

Good night everyone!
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Anne, Hope Ron feels better soon. Have a nice sleep!
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Keeping my fingers crossed for Pollyanna!!

Actually having a good day! Got approval to go forward with a major project at work (had weeks of last minute negotiations). Bought my puppies a new kennel and some filling for their Kong (they LOVE it). Bogart (my CRF) appears to have gained a little weight back (yippee!) and Shep (my geriatric) has put on about a pound and feels good enough to want to go outside again (after a year of self-imposed indoors). No puppy accidents in the house today (big yippee) - I think they are finally getting some bladder control. And taking the afternoon off cause I have to work all weekend (yuck). Got half the laundry done and dinner started.
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Last night I went to a state auto test for WSU, and my group got wasted
Not having a good day today either... Im so tired, I have a lot of homework, my cat scratched me, and my car won't move out of the ice.

Hopefully better tommorrow.

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Well, if you are reading my feeling like crud thread you will know it isn't my lucky day ): What's worst is that I've got an avalanche of homework and I am such a state that its impossible to concentrate on the book. I even fell asleep on top of the books.

At the same time, curiously, folk culture here in Latin America is that the unlucky day is Tuesday 13, not friday 13. But its an unlucky day for me.
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So-so Friday the 13th, here. I'm off, as I have to work tomorrow. My new phone arrived but, it wasn't activated. I had to wait until Bill got home, to use his phone to call AT&T. After 1/2 hour of conferring with the rep and being walked through the reprogramming procedure, I am now connected. (Note to self: DO NOT drop cellphone in toilet).

For the first time, this week, I am cooking. There is a nice bottom round roast and red potoatoes in the oven. Since both of Bill's tax refunds are in, I expect that we'll go out for dinner, tomorrow. Finally found the right Valentine card, today. I've only been looking, all this month!
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it's my last day at work today and i feel really sad abt leaving...
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Just wanted to thank you for your vibes and good wishes

Barb, I am glad Brads uncle is doing better!

Anne- I hope Ron will be getter better very soon!

Kate- I´m sorry this is your last day at work, you must be so sad to say goodbye. Have you got any idea for another jub? Untill you have another job, will you be working fulltime on you volunteer job? I hope you will find a good paying job really soon!
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