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Why are cats so trusting?

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I was thinking about this last night and today.

Just about every time I see Tarka now, I pick her up and put her in the litter box, just in case she wants to go.
Every time she does go and messes on the floor and herself, I pick her up and clean her legs, knickerbockers and bum with warm soapy water and then leave her to lick herselfdry (she isn't so keen on the hairdryer).
Last week Friday and last night again, she had 4 accidents yesterday, I bathed her in the bath. So, she was sopping wet, I towel dried her and then left her to lick herself clean.
Every night, I give her a tablet. This week alone, she has been to the vet once and the accupuncturist twice.

And yet, she thinks that I am the best thing since sliced bread. She adores me. When I think of all the awful things that keep on happening to her, I can't imagine why she would let me pick her up, let alone demand to be picked up and then purr for hours on my chest.

Any thoughts on how cats can look past these things? Or is it simply a matter of the hand that feeds....
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Could it be the fact that you dont scold Tarkar when she has her accidents, and that she knows how you make her all clean again yourself without her having to lick it off and have an awful taste in her little mouth?. And, knowing how she feels better after her treatment, all thanks to you!.

I often wonder myself if Rosie knows how loved and well cared for she is with not knowing what it feels like to be ill treat?.

The good thing is, Tarkar still comes to you for her affection and to also give it back in return. So the trust 'is' there.

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I think cats can sense when we are trying to help them. And since cats are sensitive to our emotions they know how much we care about them. I'm sure Tarka feels a lot of gentleness and kindness in your touch when you clean her up after she has an accident, and she feels better once she's nice and clean again too. It's probably the same way with her nightly tablet...you have done something that helps her feel better.
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You are obviously treating her with kindness and affection, and cats can sense this, I am sure, even if some of the little rascals do not appreciate the kind of TLC you are giving. I know none of mine would. You are a great kitty parent. I am not sure I could do what you are doing so patiently.
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Look into Tarka's eyes, and tell me, if you can, that there's not a connection from your soul to hers, bound by love. She knows, she senses, she feels that love -- even when the activity of the moment, taken at face value, is not pleasant, she can feel your feelings for her. Her trust is born of the gut level knowledge that there's nothing you wouldn't do for her, no way you would bring her harm.
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Aww Tarka sounds really sweet!
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Because they know when you are trying to help them versus hurt them. And when you are calm, so are they and that helps as well.
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