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Kittens need homes in San Diego, CA!

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I know the chances of finding homes for them here are slim, but who knows :lol3:

I have written about the stray cat my family has adopted and her kittens here:

I have 3 male 12 week old kittens who are ready to be adopted! They are very healthy and friendly, but will need their shots and neutering.

I am located in San Diego County, CA

Conan, big orange tabby


Otter, black with longish hair


Tim, black with short hair



Here's a pic of the whole litter :)





Otter and blurry Tim :catguy:


Thanks for your time!

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They are adorable, but you're right, chances of finding someone here to take them are slim to none.   Hopefully you're advertising them in lots of places.


Good luck! If I had a batch of kitten like these, I'd probably never be able to give them up.  That's why I can't foster ;)

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:love: :love: ADORABLE looking baby cats!!! Have you asked the San Diego cat rescue groups if they have any suggestions for you? They are all so gorgeous....Tim and Otter are an amazing pair!  You could try selling them through social media or those "freebie newspapers" as long as your asking price is high enough to discourage any illicit potential adopters.  My prayers are for you to find only very special, super-happy & safe homes for all your kitties - you are wonderful for taking on that little cat family :clap:

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Hi I was wondering if you know anyone who need bags of sub q fluids for cats with kidney disease. My cat passed away and I want to give them to someone. You can PM me. I am in east county, San Diego area.
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Hello, Tammy! Did you ever find homes for those kittens? Just wondering....I had no luck this year placing the ones that I "pulled" from the feral colony this year. Our shelter kept being full so I wound up keeping them.


In answer to your question, I myself don't know of anyone but your local rescues probably do. I think that the San Diego cat show in Delmar will be happening soon - maybe you would meet someone there who knows of someone who can use those SubQ bags. Condolences on using your cat - my disabled daughter's 19yo cat was PTS on 11/13/16 and I am still so sad and miss her so much :(

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Do you still have these kittens?
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