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The Others

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I finally saw this movie.

wow. it's probably not for everybody, but it's a really interesting story. I was on the edge of my seat.

If you enjoy an intense movie that keeps you guessing....go see this.
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I haven't seen this...but the image of being on the seat's edge brought to mind a small story from the days when ol KF was just a KittenPaw.This was the days around the early sixties when I was just starting to be "independant"and go to movies that I liked. We had a couple of old theaters in the seedier part of town who showed the "trash" films that the big "family" places looked down upon. You ol fossils must remember the Hammer Films..Dracula and all that.

Anyhow,the movie was proceeding along in one of it's eerie,tense moments while the vampire was stalking his victim...breaths were being held and pulses pounding..SUDDENLY cries broke out from within the theater..SOMETHING ALIVE WAS IN THE SEATS!!!!! RATS!!!! MONSTERS!!!! EVIL THINGS!!!!! SCREEEEAAAAMMM!!!!

Suddenly,in the empty seat beside me appeared...a large,self-satisfied appearing orange and white cat;who proceeded to wash his face and purr happily. The theater had him there to control the mouse population attracted by the goodies spilled on the floor. Told you this was a seedy place. He had been making his rounds under the seats..in the dark. Imagine if you had been sitting there and felt that sinewy tail brushing your legs...:LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Funny that what used to be highly offensive films..scorned by our parents and our moral superiors wouldn't even make it as a video release today.
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HAHAHAHA! That's a funny story Kittyfoot!!

AP, is the Others the movie with Nicole Kidman that I have seen preveiws of on TV? If I am thinking of the right movie...I really wanted to see it!!!! I love that kind of movie!!!
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that's the one. It was SO good.
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