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Legislation Alert - Missouri

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This is from the ASPCA Newsletter I got in my email today:

Many people depend on service dogs. Guide dogs serve as eyes for the blind, mobility dogs assist those with physical impairments, and hearing dogs alert the deaf to sounds. A new bill would afford special protections for service dogs in your state, Missouri humanitarians--and we're asking for your help in getting this important legislation passed.

If signed into law, HB 1903 would prohibit sellers or renters from discriminating against owners of service dogs, and employers from discriminating against any person who needs a service dog. Additionally, public transportation could not refuse admittance to service dogs, and anyone knowingly or intentionally destroying or causing serious physical injury to a service dog would be guilty of a class C felony.

For more information on this bill, and to send a letter asking your representative to cosponsor and sign HB 1903, please visit theASPCA Advocacy Center . Thanks for taking action! (P.S. And don't forget to forward this information to your fellow "Show Me State" residents.)
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Heidi, Thanks for posting this important alert!
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Geez am I a dummy! I already thought laws like this either existed in all States or were covered by Federal anti-discrimination laws!
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