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Its all this places fault :P

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I was walking up the street , taking the papers to the lawyer RE the town and the parking issue , when I walked up the steps of the building and saw a baby pigeon had fallen from its nest and was trying to huddle in the Corner of the building to get away from the wind the parents were frantic on top of an air conditioner , sooooooooooooooooooooo I walked up to it and was going to pick it up (HEY It was a baby and cold lol ) when my husband said nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you will want to bring it home lol so we went in and did our business , told the secretary that there was a baby pigeon on the front steps , what she did horrified me , she said go down there and she stomped on the floor and made a face she then said that would be the end of the problem.

*GASP* I looked at my husband with horror , we went home and called the humane society , who said they didn't cover that , who passed us to an another agency who refused to come and take the poor bird , they also says we couldn't take it , that it was against the law.........soooooooo we called the state police to get the number to the game warden surly he would help! NOPE he says that pigeon's are nuisance animals that he wouldn't help but told us if we wanted to help the bird he wouldn't enforce the law that the other agency told us about. HOLY COW , today my husband was walking by the building and saw the bird back in its nest , seems the game warden was touched by the lengths we went to to save this baby pigeon.

Everyone in my house was laughing at us because we were doing all of this for a pigeon , Ive learned alot from TCS about the plight of animals and I just couldn't do nothing........so its all this places fault lol
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Dana..... You and Hubby are both for saving that poor baby. I am glad that TCS is around. If we dont have compassion for animals who will?
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It's amazing how compassion can touch others. I'm glad you went to the effort for the baby bird. You know, pidgeons may be a nuisance animal here, but we have to remember - cats are a nuisance animal to some places too.
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Oh my gosh, at first when I read this I thought you meant the lady squished the bird for real! Glad you save the baby from that scary lady.
Way to go!
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I did as well!. I know i would have done the same as you, pigeon or not.

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Good one Dana! Glad to hear the baby was safe, even if no-one owned up to helping it LOL.
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Bless you for thinking about this poor little fella. I personally HATE pigeons (I'm scared of birds), and although I couldn't pick one up due to that fear, I don't like to see any animal hurt - we often have them run over in the town centre, and I swear the scummy bus drivers round here gun for them. That makes me mad, and I do admit to throwing out scraps for them when it's cold, and I make sure I kick any scraps of food that are lying in the road back onto the pavement so these birds don't get run over!!!
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Pidgeons are not nuisance animals here, we LOVE them, you walk into our capital city(WELLINGTON! where I live ) and they are everywhere, Im think they are beautiful birds, especially the wood pidgeons, who we fed(bird feeders) Dana I can't thank you enough for helping this bird Way TO GO!!!

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I know the feeling Dana! I tried to rescue a Heron baby some months ago. Herons are considered a pest over here in our town and no animal organization (not even the bird related ones) would help. I tried very hard to take care of the bird but it died A couple of years ago I rescued a chicken that our dog brought to the backyard. The chicken was bitten by the dog and I insisted on taking it to the vet. The vet himself was very surprised and said most people would have turned her into pastrami by now he did treat her properly though, with antibiotics and all. She ended up being eaten in whole by the neighbor's dog a couple of days later.

I know that Mary Anne once rescued a little bat

On Animal Hospital on the BBC you see them rescuing and treating all sorts of animals. Even lizards and bugs!
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I know how it feels! I once found a pigeon which for some reason had a gashing wound in her right wing. We took it in a box home, to take her to the vet the next morning (It was sunday, and in Puerto Rico not a soul would work on sunday even if their life depended on it). But by the next morning she was dead. Guess the infection did her in
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I tried to save some wood duck babies one time. Found 4 of them running around my back yard with no mom in site. I called the game warden and asked if I should leave them for mom to find or bring them in for them to care for. She told me mom was probably gone and to keep them warm until they could meet me later in the day. I got them to them a few hours later but unfortunately, they didn't make it overnight. So sad for the babies! We try!!
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AWWW, that can be difficult.. I remember one time I opened my bedroom window blinds (basement window) and saw one of my parents cats in the window well. I opened the window thinking it was just the cat then to my horror I saw feathers all over and realized that Sammy was playing with a LIVE pigeon! I started screaming my head off trying to save the bird.

My POOR parents woke up thinking someone was trying to murder me! My mom LOVES birds so she got really hysterical w hen she saw what was going on.

Dad managed to get the bird away from Sammy and put the bird in a birdcage to calm it down. I knew immediately that the bird wouldn't live long because there were two deep holes in its chest with no blood coming out.

From what I understand, if u have a deep hole in the body and no blood is coming out, that often means there's internal bleeding going on. I warned my mom but she refused to listen and kept this bird in the cage without taking to a vet or something (not sure if the vet could've OR WOULD'VE done anything anyway). One morning she went to coo at it and realized that it had died.

At least we tried to help just like u guys did..

I don't want to sound preachy or weird but I believe that when people TRY to save birds and other animals, that shows that the person shows respect and love for all animals and shows love/respect to God since God created all living things on this earth..

Wish more people would try to be kind and save animals.. The world would be a much BETTER place to live in.
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Pidgeons are not nuisance birds
In fact pidgeons are one of the smartest birds there are.

My Uncle raised Pidgeons and they are a beautiful bird.

Dana you are an for saving his life.

Nuisance Birds
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