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Sometimes when I'm petting Lucy and I pull my hand away, she'll grab my hand with her claws (very gently, no claws) and then nip at my hand. I don't mean bite, because she just rests her teeth against my skin, not applying any pressure at all, then she'll start licking my fingers like crazy. Any ideas.

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"love bite"??
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Love bite probably does cover it. She doesn't want you to stop petting her so she grabs your hand and puts it in her mouth. Then she starts grooming you! She's just being a sweetie.
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My cats do that to me as well. Although Onyx has a different version, he likes his belly rubbed so I will pet his belly and when he has enough of that he grabs my hand with both paws and puts my hand on his head so I will pet his head...he is such a smart kitty!
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As long as it doesnt progress into anything more aggressive, like starting to use claws or more teeth, it might be ok. if it ever does start to get more rough, or if you want to stop this behavior, you should get a toy and substitute that instead of your hand. train her to bite that toy, not mommy!
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