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Cats and Hamsters

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I was at Petco today, getting a kitty door for my bedroom, and I saw these dwarf hamsters, about 3 inches long. They were sooooooooo cute, but I'm not sure how my kitties will react. Anyone have any experience in this area?

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I have had 4 hamsters since I Got my Willow. They were wonderful entertainment for Me and the kitty!!! But when they escape from their cage they look alot like dinner that's for sure!!! My kitty couldn't hurt a fly so she used to chase um into a cornor and keep them there until I got home. She never once tried to hurt them. But I have heard some not so lucky stories about other hamsters. But as far as getting one I say go for it!!! They are wonderful pets!! Just make sure you get males, Only Females I have had have been very mean and enjoyed biting.
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Hamsters make wonderful pets.

I haven't had one though with my cats yet because I too am concerned they might think of them as food.

I have had both males and female hamsters and haven't had a problem with any of them biting except an albino. Just keep them in separate cages unless you want babies or squabbles.
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I used to put my hamster in his enclosed ball and the cat would chase it all over the house , just make sure kitty doesnt try to make a snack of the hamster
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yum yum - hamster for tea!
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I have 3 hamsters, 2 rats and some mice (mice which were supposed to be snake food but they wouldnt eat it and i got attached so they became pets...) anyways, it is very stressful for rodents to be watched by cats all day long especially if they sit on top the cage and jump around. They might get used to it after while but I try to keep them apart. Also, hamsters really aren't supposed to be kept more than one to a cage because they fight, unless they were raised together from babies or are related or if you're just lucky. Of course if you want hamster babies...but I wouldn't keep the male and female together for too long or you'll have more hamsters then you know what to do with!
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