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Just being silly

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I don't know if any of you all are gearheads, but i've come to the following conclusions:

Lucy purrs like a V-twin (Harley Davidson)
Blackie purrs like an American pushrod V-8 (go Ford 302)
Dopey purrs like a high revving four cylinder (Honda?)


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LOL! Mine purrs like a washing machine... can't distinguish which engine though...
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Misha sounds like a double decker bus with a bad diesel engine.
Tulip has a sound like velvet would if it had one
Never heard Katy purr
Dirt has a purr like a little phut phut lawn mower
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Sammycat purrs like a Motor boat running wide open and loud. Oscar sounds like a motor that has a squeaky belt on it Not sure what kind of motor to call them thou.
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LOL I have been trying for months to peg what Willow sounds like!!!!! She's got the loudest Purr I have ever heard!! you can hear it over the T.V. Even when she's in another room!!!!! So I would have to say that she's a Harly!!!! lol Blade on the other hand purr's like a Kwasaki Ninja Pretty quiet until reved really high! lol
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This is so funny! I have to find out what my girls purrs sounds like
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Kuce purrs like a well tuned American V-8.

Haven't heard Sphinx purr.
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patches purrs like an old car and alley sounds like a speed boat

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