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Name that breed!

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Hi all,


Earlier this week I adopted a 2 year old (approximately) DLH cat named Sirius (formerly Hendrix.)


He's still adjusting to home (lots of hiding under the bed,) so he doesn't have a ton of personality yet, but very affectionate and a little chatty when he first sees me. Likes to be close to me when he can, and sleeps with me at night. They couldn't really tell me anything at the shelter. He is a BIG boy (feels around 15 pounds or so.)


Here are a couple of pictures:



I don't have a ton of pictures yet as he's still under the bed quite a bit. Hopefully these will be enough! :)

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Looks to me like Sirius is a Norwegian Forest Cat. Hope that this helps.wavey.gif
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@catluvr321 I googled "black norwegian forest cat" and immediately found one that looks just like Sirius!!! :) Thank you for the help!

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You're welcome.
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He looks more like a Mainecoon look-alike to me. His head is far too square shaped to be a Norwegian Forest Cat. And he doesn't have the straight profile (in order for a cat to have a straight profile, there shouldn't be any dips/breaks in the line from the forehead all the way to the end of the nose).

Here is a picture of my cat, who has a straight profile:
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