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I can see my house from here

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If you're bored, take a look at your place from space!

Yes, I'm REALLY bored at work today.
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Awesome! Wish those copyright things weren't in the way though.
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I found my town (I think) but I couldn't find my house.
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Found my house! I first put the national level zoom into the caribbean and then zoomed on Puerto Rico. After that I looked for Caguas and started trailing north the #52 Expressway till I found Villa Blanca just besides it. My neighborhood was just to the east. You have to be REALLY bored.
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I must be really bored I almost could see my house .
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Thanks I could see my house/neighborhood. Also this will be great when I am shopping for a house when my company moves me to another state - I'll be able to get a birds eye view of the lay of the neighborhood! A++++
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My house showed up, clearly. I can even see Bill's truck, parked in the front yard and the two sheds, out back. The dogs must have been on the patio, when this was shot.
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I cant get close enough to see my area I can only see Iceland as a whole, but anything closer is "image not available".
I´m gonna check other places in the world I have lived at. This is really fun, I dont think you need to be bored to stay on this site for ages Very exciting!
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Too cool! I could see that my neighbor wasn't home, and some of the gravestones in the graveyard next door.
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I didnt want to see my house , I wanted to see my grandmothers house and I found it! I grew up in that house thank you for posting the link
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Here's my house! Actually, you can't see the house cause it's under all the trees - it sits just to the left of the "T" intersection. This pic was taken before the major ice storm 2 years ago where we lost 1/3 of our trees. The bright white roof is our garage and south of that is one of the barns. The building towards the left side of the pic is another barn. The house in the bottom left is the closest neighbor and the only house that we can see from ours.
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Nice to see where you are Momofmany . Thats kind of how I sah my house too
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I couldn't see my house, it was taken before my house, or any of the houses on my street, were built! But the street was there. (Not paved.)
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I found my apartment building and I found my work, and I kept clicking the streets following my route to work. It's cool!
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I couldn't even find my country LOL!
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Oh and.....the white thing on the far left of the picture is (was) our neighbor's RV. It was blown away in the tornado last year (it landed in our woods upside down, along with their swingset). The main tornado followed a line at the far left of the picture, and a smaller one swung right behind our neighbors house, went in between our houses, then swung north up the street in front of my house. I'd like to see a newer picture to see if you can see the tornado damage from the air - it did take out a path through our back woods (you can only see the edge of them in this pic). I think the feral mom that brought her kittens to our house right before the storm came from the woods that were damaged - you think cats don't sense what is coming?!?!?
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That is so cool! I can see my house, car and hubby's car. The image was taken in September of 2000. My house is the one on the corner on the street smack dab in the middle. The white car was my old Toyota Cressida and across the street is my hubby's red Chevy Corsica! I don't know about the other white car up from hubby's.

Opps... it didn't work. Back to the drawing board!

There we go!
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That thing is so cool, it took me awhile to figure out which one was ours though.
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Here's another one of my whole street!

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Nice house!! LOL
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That is sooo cool! I found my house after scrolling a bit on the picture. Boy, is my lot small.
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Woah Tammie, that's a big house! Lovely seeing the pictures!
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that is soooo awesome! I found my street, now i'm trying to find my house!
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You can just type in your address. That's how I found mine! Look to the left of the picture and you'll see mapquest.
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I couldnt get a close enough picture of where I lived in Scotland, but I could see the Edinburgh Casle in details.

I also just found the house I lived in when I live in Menlo Park (California). This is just so great, I can stay on this forever, just "taking a walk" around the neighbourhood, and the places I knew over there.

Thanx for posting this!
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Hey Sam!

I found New Zealand. Had to pass Australia to get there

Have to head east, not west.
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I also looked up the houses I grew up in and the school where I work. As for my house, I always knew the lot was small (I have a zero lot line on one side), but it was amazing to see just how close together the houses on my street really are.
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That's pretty cool. I couldn't get to my suburb but it showed my region in general. Do any of you guys find it spooky that pics are being taken of your houses? Especially when you can see who's car is in the driveway or even your pets. I find it a bit spooky LOL.
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I live in Canada eh? So they don't show it eh. Bummer man.

I'd really like to see Some scottish castles...
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