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Flowerbelle the giant?

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The scale says our little girl isn't so little anymore! Weighing in at 5 pounds 15 ounces, I guess she's gone from feather-weight to bantam-weight!

She still looks pretty tiny to me....
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And for comparison, here's Shelly in the same size bed....
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Laurie, the picture of Shelly asleep on the job is just too cute!

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Shelly, Flowerbelle's self-appointed kitty guardian, fell asleep on the job while keeping a look out, protecting her....
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This is what he looked like when awake. (His eyes are only closed because of the flash)
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Aw, she's still the littlest angel!

Way to grow, Flowerbelle!!
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One last pic of this pair... This is on "make the bed day" (laundry day ). Shelly was lying there, purposefully swishing his tail around, teasing Flowerbelle. She kept going for it!
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Awww how sweet
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Flowerbelle is turning out to be quite the stunner. She is looking excellent! I hope she continues to grow and conquer.
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She sure is tiny , but sooooooooooooooo cute
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Awww.... Now, doesn't Sheldon and Flowerbelle make the perfect brother and sister pair
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That's so sweet that your other cat looks out for little Flowerbelle. How old is she? 5 1/2 pounds is tiny!
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Awwwwwwww, their both so cute together!.

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Laurie I LOVE that last picture with Shelly up front on the bed and little Flowerbelle in the background pouncing on his tail . . . so sweet . . .
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She is kind of tiny And such a cutie! I love the way Shelly is taking care of her and playing with her, that is so sweet
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She's beautiful and I'm so glad we're getting to see her grow. Congrats FB!

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AWWWWWW! They both are soo cute! U HAVE to submit that last pic of Shelly purposefully swishing his tail for Flowerbelle to catch to "Caption that!" thread!!
Those pics makes my heart meeeeeeellllllllllltttttttt!!!!!!!!!
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