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Boy was I wrong! She's a GIANT!

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Well knock me over with a feather! Flowerbelle was at the vet last week. Doc wanted to try one last thing before we decide to remove the eye. (She was in yesterday for surgery to sew the inner eyelid over the eye. It'll stay that way for a few weeks and we'll go from there).

BUT - that's not why I'm writing so much as to let you know our "four pound-something" wonder wasn't done growing, and she weighs 5 pounds 15 ounces! She weighs almost 6 pounds! I'll go post a couple of comparison pics in the furr-pics forum, but our little girl really isn't quite so dainty as I thought, LOL!

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Cool! I think she's going to be the power in the household soon!
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Wow! She's almost as big as Ophelia (7 lb. 8 oz.). Those little ones sure have the big hearts, though.
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Do you know what her treatment is for the eye ulcers and feline herpesvirus?

Obviously, our vet did wonders with Tiki - I'd be interested to know what was prescribed.

I don't know the names off of the top of my head, but one set of drops was actually for humans and cost $100.
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awwww she is getting big!!
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Yay!! for Flowerbelle
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Good girl Flowerbelle!!
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YAY Flowerbelle! You show'em what you're made of! I'm so happy she is doing well!
What do you expect athough? She knows she has a good life now and isn't stressed anymore!(well except for the dreaded vacum and vet! LOL!) Congrats Laurie and Gary!
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That's great!!!! I hope she just keeps growing!!!
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Yay, pretty soon she will be 16 lbs! That's how big our kitty, Milo, is, and he used to be the runt of the litter. What ever happened to that?
Congrats, tho!
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Wow! Go Flowerbelle!

Is there a "Flowerbelle Story"? I have missed that thread, if there is one. Maybe I will find it in the "search", I´ll go look.
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I'm so happy for Flowerbelle!

Good luck with this last option.
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