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It's official-Barbie and Ken have broken up

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What the heck??? Someone has way too much time on their hands....
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I wonder if it means they are discontiuning Ken for an updated dude
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Could it be due to the fact that Ken is missing a crucial body part?
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Ken and Barbie "breaking up" is a significant news event for CNN to report on? If I recall from my personal past, Ken and Barbie did indeed get married, at least in my imaginative play. Mattel really goes too far in this marketing ploy IMO, and CNN is just plain ridiculous for considering this news.
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Not only news, but it was in the TOP STORIES!
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I grew up in the days when GI Joe was about as tall as Barbie. Ken was a Barbie's always dated GI Joe! LOL

So.....this is news???
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I wonder what kids will think , that divorce is just how it goes ...Im glad my girls dont know Ken even exists , I agree its a dumb thing to be on CNN and a sad commentary on how marriage is portrayed in this country.

ok lesseeeeeeee its ok to make divorce the norm , but if 2 loving same sex ppl that have been together 42 yrs want to marry HELL no ya makes total sense.! Not
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Actually, Dana....Barbie and Ken were never married. All of the Wedding Barbies were "Dream Wedding" or "Fantasy Wedding".
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They are supposed to announce Barbie's new boyfriend this fall.
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Gosh that's pathetic-- someone had WAY too much time on their hands alright!
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gimme a break
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Gee what about Midge and Allan? I wonder who gets the dreamhouse, the sports car and the wardrobe? With all the newsworthy items in the world this is what they report? Blah!
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So, does Ken get half of what Barbie earns?

Sure, they were never married but in Australia defacto couples have the same rights as a married couple and if Ken's lawyer was to play that then the possibilities are endless for marketing!!

There will be a judge doll. Perhaps Judge Judy will cameo! A jury comprising of 12 jurors! Media dolls complete with camera flash! They could even come with mini digital cameras.

And just think! Courtroom furniture so little girls and boys can play "How to Blame Others and Sue for Millions!!" when they tire of the split up of Ken and Barbie.

It's been a long day and I couldn't help it.
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Barbie's newest surfer boyfriend is a blonde haired, blue eyed Aussie named Blaine. He's 25. Not bad considering Barbie is 68!

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Here's to Barbie- giving true meaning behind the words Plastic Surgery!
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Barbie's only 45 and Ken is 41. After dating for 41 years, its time for both of them to get the middle-age crazies. I always figured that Ken had a thing for GI Joe, anyway.
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Originally posted by katl8e
Could it be due to the fact that Ken is missing a crucial body part?
THAT is Sooooo not true!

And I thought it was a great story to put on the news, kinda like looking in the papaer for your own obit...
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I saw this on the new here, like those divorcing people were the king and queen... A bit strange. All about marketing, but still strange....
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