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WHY????? (Venting)

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Ok so my parents are gone away for a little holiday. I found out today like 20 min ago that they are coming home early, and they didn't even phone me to tell me! I thought they were coming home on tuesday, b/c my dad has to have knee surgery (nothing serious) on monday they told me but then I find out it's not til tuesday. They were just going to stay in the city so they didn't have to drive that far again, but I don't know what they are doing now.

So that's not the worst of it. I did something to the washer and it doesn't work right. I was hoping that I could have it fixed by the time they came home (my brother was going to fix it), so that they wouldn't know about it. (I'll likely get into trouble b/c I broke it). And I have to stay up late tonight and clean etc so that the house is clean by the time they get home...whenever that may be. Not sure if it will be late Friday night, or early Saturday morning! grrr.

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oops - better get scrubbing
Parents do that kind of thing
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It's a test, parents do this type of thing to see how the kids handle responsibility. Good luck getting the washer fixed- good thing you didn't throw a party!
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nope, no parties here! Just doesn't work when you gotta work nights then days! But the house is still a mess, cuz I was busy on the weekend (I made a pair of jeans, and a purse) so I didn't do anything except that, and then I have been working monday and tuesday, I had yesterday off, but I had to go to my sister's so I could wash my clothes. Then I had to buy groceries! If I'd known they were coming home early, I would have been faster about it yesterday. Oh well. All I hope is that the washer isn't too badly broken!

Well usually I keep the house clean and all, but I just didn't really feel like cleaning or anything so I didn't.
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Here's my suggestion: If you don't manage to fix it quickly, then say that it just broke and that you are just looking it up. If you say that it broke yesterday night then you don't have to explain why on earth didn't you do anything, since you did not have time.
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PAM! lol I hope the house is in tiptop condition.

Good luck!!
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Ok, so after I got home from work at like (almost) 9, and fed the kitties outside, I started cleaning, and there really wasn't as much as I thought! Yeah!! I did dishes (for like the 10th time today already) then I tidied up my sewing mess from the wknd, tidied up the living room, and put some other stuff away. It wasn't near as bad as I thought it was. Now all I have to do tomorrow morning is take some stuff out to the shed, and fill birdfeeders....then it'll all be done!
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LOL It's all part of learning what it's like when you eventually own your own home.

And dont forget to make your bed!!
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Wow! You sound like you are really responsible to be left on your own. I always had parties. I always got away with it until someone fell alseep behind the couch and we didn't find him. My Dad did, about 5 minutes after my sister and I assured them we had been at choir practice the night before.
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This post managed to cheer me up a bit
Im sure they won't be mad at all. The only thing Id do is stuff like spray-painting inside. Its too cold outside!

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Rosie....I never make my bed! lol I washed my sheets last wknd before the washer died, and they are still on the floor waiting to be put on the bed

Krazy Kat 2...I don't do the whole party thing! lol I'm too scared to find out what the consequences are! And I don't particularly like the after effects of drinking, or other's after effects much better, so I just stay away from it! lol

Cougar, I'm glad I brightened somebody's day!

As for the washer, my brother looked at it, and it's put back, so I don't know if it's fixed or not...not likely, but oh well. If it's a seal, it would have gone eventually anyhow.

Now they aren't to be home til about 7 or 8 ish saturday night...kind of good lol
post #12 of 17 poor thing...yeah i guess as long as you get the house cleaned i wouldnt worry about the washer......maybe this is an idea......pull the washer out and when they pull up be looking at the back of it and all around when they come in the house they see you looking at it and ask whats wrong and you say "I dont know its not working" even add to it put dirty clothes in it or something like will probably be proud that you took the initiative to try and fix it
good luck
a former teenager
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Oh wow....this was like last year already! lol Another month, and it would have been! Thanks for your thoughts on this tho, Nebula11!
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oh lmao .......I didnt even look at the date.....lmao

did you get into trouble???...
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You seem very responsible!! I am glad things are going better for you..
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No, I don't think I got into trouble, it turned out to be something small. Mom and my brother took it to get it fixed, and it only cost like maybe $5. If that. So it wasn't serious or anything. And it works good So it's all good now.
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lol thats so cute
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