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Uproar over Feline Obituary

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Would you be upset about a obituary for a pet in your local paper, or is it a wonderful tribute?
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I think it's a wonderful tribute,i don't see anything wrong
with it at all
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It's a wonderful service to provide to people in grief.

I think perhaps it was unfortunate that the newspaper thought that these cats were children. This story may not have reached our attention if an Animal Obituary was made.
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I think putting it in it's own separate column is a good idea. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, but I think some people may have felt that it somehow diminished the obituaries for people by having a cat along side them (I don't agree.)

Our local humane society has a monthly magazine that prints the animal obituaries every month. I was considering taking one out for a friend of mine who just lost her cat.
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I like the idea of the separate pet obituary section, and I'm sure it will generate income for the newspaper. I wouldn't have been disturbed by the obit described in the article, though I imagine people who don't have pets just might be "insulted" by it sharing space with their family member's death notice.
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Pets are just as important as family to a lot of people and I think it is a wonderful idea to have a pet obituary - if I owned a newspaper, I would do the same thing.
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The newspaper my dad works for published a dog's obituary once. But the paper thought too many people might get offended if a dog's obituary was included with the ones for people...so it was published in a separate section of the paper, and the dog's owner did have to pay for it.
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People magazine regularly runs obits, for famous animals: Millie Bush, Shamu and Keiko come to mind. Why not obits for people's pets?
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