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Hello from Ohio

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Greetings from Dublin, Ohio! My family and I are pleased to announce the arrival of two new members of our family. They come to us from a nearby cat rescue and are pleased as punch to be in their new home.

Our new black male is Shadow Magic (Shadow) and is a very large 2 year old short hair with a sweet personality and refined manners. The photo doesn't do justice to his pretty green eyes. He was the favorite cat of all of the volunteers at the rescue having been there for almost all of his two years. He was only there so long because of his color...and the fact that he is almost as large as a beagle. (More to love as far as we are concerned!)

Our second new friend is Tyberius (Ty) who is an 11 month old male with the most interesting spots we have ever seen. Ty has a fantastic outgoing personality and is the happy-go-lucky affectionate type. He is also quite smart, and has already figured-out how to open the bi-fold doors to the coat closet. He seems to have had a previous home, since his "manners" are well developed. He had only been at the rescue for 4 weeks, having been found wandering around the local fairgrounds. He is a great fuzzy alarm clock for my kids, too, and takes great care to wake everyone gently when it is time to get up.

Bill Manzke
Dublin, OH
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Hi Bill and welcome from another new member!

Congratulations on your recent adoptions! It makes me feel good to see more kitties coming out of rescues.

You have a couple of really sharp kitties!

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Welcome to the site and congratulations on your two new family members! HOw wonderful of you to take in rescue kitties, especially one who has been at the rescue as long as Shadow. They are both gorgeous little boys, and it sounds like they are just purrfect additions to your family.
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Hi there are welcome to you all. I do wonder why no one takes to the black cats. So good on you for taking him in.
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Congratulations on your new family members. What sweet kitties.

I'm amazed at people who won't take black cats! My Simon is almost all black except for one small white spot on his chest and some white fur on his belly. The first time a friend of mine saw him he was laying down and you could not see the white spot on his chest. She honestly RAN out of the room! She said that she would not be in the same room as a black cat! Once I told her about the white spot, (and showed it to her) she was OK. Totally bizarre! He was a rescued stray. I often wonder if someone put him out because of his coloring?!?

Anyway, congrats and welcome!
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I am always in shock when I read that people would not take a black cat in . That is so sad . But many people will not get a black cat . Here at my local shelter we have the same problems with black or black/white cats . Like those cat would do something to them .
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Welcome to the forum! Your new additions look adorable!

About two years ago I heard that the black cats don't easily find homes. Shortly after that I adopted my first black beauty. I now have 3 black cats. Love them all to peices.
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My black/white cat is the lover in my house. He'll climb up in my lap and sleeps with me. He was purring away when I opened the cage with all the kittens at the vets, 5 yrs ago.
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PS....almost forgot to say WELCOME! You're going to have alot of fun with 2 boys. Mine are always tussling.
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Welcome to the site Bill, Shadow Magic & Tyberius!!! Both Tyberius & Shadow Magic are so handsome! You & your family will have lots of fun with 2 boys. Our family has 5 boys, ages 3 yrs thru 9-3/4 yrs! We have 1 black cat, 2 black & white's, 1 brown tabby & white, 1 orange tabby & white; and the ruler of the house is a little silver tabby female!! I don't know why people avoid black cats or black & white cats. The only thing I can think of, is that people automatically think 'black magic', scary movies, etc. I feel that all kittens/cats are beautiful, no matter what color they are!! They all have their own little personalities!!
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Hi and welcome to TCS to you and your family.

And a big thanks for taking these two kitties into your family.
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Welcome to the site Bill. It annoys me also that people have this 'stupid' issue of over their colour!!.

Their little beauties!

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Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to the site!!

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Hello and welcome!!!!

Your new kitties are beauties!!!

I just love black cats...I have 3!!
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Welcome to TCS your cats are cute......
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Hi Bill

It's hard to believe that some people don't like black cats. Before I acquired all of my menagerie, I had a huge 29lb tabby that thought he was a dog. I had to put him to sleep when he was 14 because of paralization. He left a big hole in my life, so I thought that I maybe I would try again. I wanted 2 totally black cats that I was prepared to call Faust and Mestopholes. However, my niece called and said that her cat, Gray, had just had kittens. Being the good aunt, I said that I would take two so at weaning time I got Annie, all black, and Chloe, tabby. What I didn't know until several months later was Gray had feline leukemia so the kittens were born with it. I eventually lost both but that is another story. So I never got my black cats and I started the group that I now have. Your cats are beautiful.
Beverly (Goldenwren)
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Welcome , I have a BIG black cat too, I have found that most black cats are especially friendly. I love carrying him to the door on Halloween (trick or treaters).

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Hello Bill, welcome to you from a fellow Ohioan. Congratulations on your beautiful adopted babies. I had 2 black cats a long long time ago when I was just a little boy.
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