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Clyde's New Playstyle

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I've noticed that when Clyde and his sister are playing, one of their favorite games is for "Little Bit" to sit in the carrier, and Clyde sits right outside. He then sits and you can actually hear him emit a low growl.

I also heard him do this the other night at about 3:00 am when he was looking out the window. I offered to let him outside, but he went right back to the window. He was emitting the low growl, so I looked carefully, and across the street were two cats going through a garbage pile. Since I let him outside during good weather about 1 a week now, I would surmise that I was seeing cat agression towards "interlopers" into his territory.

This was the first time that he had actually shown this behavior.

As far as his sister, they playfight, chase each other, wrestle in the bathtub, and generally create total confusion in the household. Fortunately, I've learned to sleep through it.

She has been a blessing in disguise, and if Clyde goes out, she wonders immediately where he is, and vice versa.

He wants out far less, and is enjoying himself immensely inside now.

I hope to have pictures soon!!! (I promise)

Clyde is still recovering from a fungus infection and a light respiratory infection. Seems like I spend more on vet bills, cat food, and litter than on myself, but in the end, it's all a labor of love.

By the way, thanks to all you kind people, I "will not" get my new cat declawed and she has worked out just fine. Now if I could only get her to quit licking my hair when I sleep.

Clyde, Little Bit, and Mike
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Awwwww your babies sound lovely!. Rosie always makes strange sounds, thats one of the things i love about her.

Looking forward to seeing pics soon, and so pleased you won't have them de-clawed

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