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alley's meowing

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For the past 2 weeks she's meows constantly and we don't know why.
she's not in heat yet because she's only 6 months old
anyone have an idea why she is doing this?
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From the age of 6 weeks Rosie has always meowed and made chattering noises, and she still does now!. I say it's her way of talking to me?!

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Just a thought, my cat, Tux, came into her first and only heat at six months, so it isn't unknown.
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both my female cats came in heat around six months of age. Started with alot of meowing. So she could very well be in heat.
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well she stands at the door and meows and she also goes into
the kitchen and meows like crazy! and she has food and water
she will be 6 months on the 14th of this month
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my suggestion - take her to the vet and get her spayed - time is near anyway and there is not time as the present to prevent a pregnancy!
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get her to the vet and get her spayed. it doesnt matter if its exactly on the 14th. I would hate for her to get out and become pregnant.
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I thought that you coulden't spayed them til they are over 7 months?
but i can do it now? good im going to set up an appt for her.
she's an inside cat so no chances of her becoming preggo
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As long as they weigh more than two pounds they can be spayed!
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Chelle, your cat sounds like she is in her first heat. They do not have to be 7 months to be spayed.
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Your little girl is in heat.

My female cat Esper went into her first heat cycle at five months. I got her spayed during that heat cycle. They do not need do be seven months to be spayed.

And a word of warning, even though she is indoors, there's nothing to say she won't want to go outdoors especially if male cats start to hang around in response to her calls. Even though Esper is deathly afraid of venturing past the doorstep, she did everything to try and get outside during the heat cycle.
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I read somewhere that if they lift their butt in the air they
are in heat
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That among other things...mine started spraying everywhere, I just gotten her from someone who stopped taking care of her and made her appointment to get spayed and she went into heat like the next day. When we aren't home we keep her in the large bathroom so she doesn't spray on anything important. I would really suggest getting a book about cat behaviors and stuff cuz that is one of the most common and easily recognizable things in cats. Just imagine if she started doing something else that could mean there is actually something wrong and you wouldn't even know...I'm not trying to be rude or anything, just pointing it out.
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took her to the vet today and she said she is not in heat yet.
she said that most likley her meowing is for attention,which she
get's alot of.she just wants more lol
she's also in tip top shape and she said i need to bring her
in next month to get her fixed
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