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Searching for cat news to update on this site, I came across this article:


It's a horrible little piece about how cats are pests and why he supports the Australian approach of shooting cats on sight.

I didn't want to put this on the "Kitty's Headlines" on the front page, but I thought some of you might like to do what I'm going to do - email that writer and give him a piece of my mind!!!
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Doesn't the guy understand natural predators and the food chain principles? They are there for a reason. He wants cats shot to stop them from killing other animals which are hunted quite naturally by cats. Would he start killing spiders on sight because they, in turn, kill flies? Somehow I think not.

I don't suppose he considers that humans killing sheep, cows, chickens etc.. are doing anything wrong because, well, we eat them don't we? Cats are MEANT to hunt and eat small mammals and birds.

As for the sport of it... well don't get me started on that....
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It seems as if nobody is ever "middle of the road" on cats. People either love them or hate them. The ones that hate them seem to go out of their way to harm them. At my apartment complex, they have rules about cats roaming free. The security people set traps to catch roaming cats. I once heard that a security guard found a cat in one of the traps and drowned it in the lake. Makes me furious! Can't for the life of me figure out what is so offensive about a cat. I never once stepped in cat poop on anybody's lawn.
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Thanks for alerting us to that horrible website!! I also sent the author an e-mail....I basically said I thought he was cold-hearted, and obviously had never had a cat for a pet, because they are very loving, and definately worthwhile, and that I am glad my cats kill mice and other rodents, and keep them out of our house!! I was nice about it I think....but I got my point across...and I told him that I felt sorry for him for having such a cold attitude, but may god bless him anyway. (jerk) (didn't say THAT though) I hope he doesn't send me a virus or something since he will have my return e-mail......guess I will have to watch carefully what I get in the mail for awhile.
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Oh ya....I also e-mailed the link to all my cat loving friends, so they could send him a peice of their minds too!!!! I hope he gets lots of mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS....can you tell I'm angry??
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I suppose this guys wants all the lions, tigers, cheetahs, and jaguars erradictated, too.

What about dogs that attack their owners? A girl here in Florida was nearly killed when one of the family dogs led the group to an unprovoked attack.

I can understand when an animal not native to an area is introduced and upsets the ecological balance, but this guy's opinion of cats in general is grotesque.
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Just wanted to tell you guys, I got an e-mail back from that guy....and so did one of my friends who e-mailed him also....we both got the exact same reply...must be his standard reply to all his hate mail...

He said that he never ever said he advocated shooting cats on sight (although that's how I took it) and that his own very cat was sitting on his lap as he wrote it, and that he is indeed a kindhearted person, as he came across a rat just that morning sitting on his birdfeeder, and instead of killing it, he just spoke harshly to it.

Is this guy a nut or what? And how could anyone who owns a pet cat write a webpage like that. EEERRRRRGGGGG
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This moron forgets that cats as well as other animals were on this earth LONG before we were. And, the reason there ARE so many cats on this earth is because of irresponsible humans! People who don't spay and neuter their pets, leave them to fend for themselves forcing them to go back to the wild becoming feral. I get SO angry when I hear about stuff like this. I volunteer with a rescue organization and hear all sorts of excuses. I've gone through shelters and looked at the paperwork as to why the animals were given up. "Can't care for" Then why the h--- did they take the animal in to begin with?? "Landlord won't allow pets". Then find one who will!! "Parent passed away, don't want". My dad passed away three years ago. I had 4 cats already but was willing to take Tigger in. Unfortunately, Tigger and my male fought. The good news is I have a very dear, best friend who offered him a home. He lived for another three years and I was able to visit and pamper him anytime I wanted to. He was cremated and his ashes are with my dad's. He is now at the Rainbow Bridge. And the ones who suffer are the animals. I could go on, but I'm too darned tired and it would be like beating my head against a wall.
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